PBR Baltimore Invitational

This past Saturday night, as the effects of a joyous New Years Eve were slowly dissipating, a majority of the Bohs and O’s crew attended the Professional Bull Riders Baltimore Invitational at the 1st Mariner Arena.  Clad in our jeans and flannel shirts, we braved the frigid winter weather and headed to the Arena to see today’s finest bull riders take part in the 1st event of the 2010 season.  I’d never been to one of these events before and was very impressed with the entire production.

The event was being shown live on Versus so that led to numerous commercial breaks in between each round, but they had a rodeo clown emcee who did a nice job keeping everyone entertained as we waited for the next potential sternum gorging from Code Blue, Big Tex, or Voodoo Child. During each round there were almost no breaks in the action.  They have a complex setup at one end of the arena with 6 loading docks connected to the fenced in areas where the bulls are kept.  When one rider was either bucked or completed 8 seconds there was always another rider ready to go.

One thing that surprised me, and everyone in our group, was the number of Brazilian’s competing.  Three of last years top 5 riders were from Brazil and there were numerous others who rode throughout the night.  Although none of the cowboys were from Maryland there were several local Bulls who we obviously were hoping would celebrate their victories by ramming their horns into the defeated cowboys against the fence; hereby displaying Maryland’s dominance to all of the out-of-towners in attendance.  Alas, there was no bloodshed, but some of the cowboys (the pathetic ones) were prepared with what most closely resembled box lacrosse helmets.  This really took away from the feel of the rodeo, men riding bulls without cowboy hats.  I’m no expert on the subject, but what kind of professional bull rider can respect himself wearing a helmet instead of a cowboy hat during competition.  If you want to wear one in practice when no one is around be my guest, but when you’re trying to represent yourself and the professional bull riders tour it doesn’t help your image to be wearing a big, dorky helmet instead of a cowboy hat.  Step up to the plate helmet wearers; you’re supposed to resemble this when you get up on that bucking bronco.

All in all it was a great evening at the rodeo and I can’t wait until the 2011 Baltimore Invitational.   It’ll be tough to wait another whole year, but luckily Monster Jam will be at the Arena at the end of February to keep us entertained.  You can be sure Bohs and O’s won’t miss that event either.


Sheila Dixon Stepping Down As Mayor of Baltimore


Senator Theater Update

Last night a meeting was held at the historic Senator Theater to review four proposals for the future of the theater.  The proposals included ideas for the site to remain a first-run movie theater as well as a potential site for a multi-purpose performing arts center, apartments, restaurants, or a local radio station.  Personally I’d like to see The Senator remain a first-run theater; as I’ve detailed before on this blog there isn’t another theater experience like The Senator.  The large screen, large auditorium, and “large” sound make it a unique place for people to see movies that they wouldn’t otherwise experience in today’s shift toward megaplexes with 10+ screens.  No one is sure whether these proposals are doable in the near future, but based solely off of the ideas bounced around last night I’d definitely like to see the vision of Buzz Cusack some to fruition.  If The Senator could resemble anything close to what the Charles has become it would be great for the neighborhood and all film lovers in Baltimore.  The Station North district was hardly more than what the Belvedere/Govans area is now and it has blossomed into a thriving center of arts and food.  Bringing the theater back would also help the resurgent Belvedere Square and other restaurants in the area like Cafe Zen.  There’s obviously still plenty of work to do but hopefully in the future we can talk, once again, about the brilliant movies we’ve just seen at The Senator.

Become a fan of Bernard Pollard


As the saying goes, “To injure Tom Brady is human, to injure Tom Brady and Wes Welker, divine.”


ALERT: Turp’s a Phony Baltimore Sports Bar

Last night I decided to pay Turp’s sports bar a visit. If you read my previous review of Turp’s, you know that I found it to be a great new spot in Mt. Vernon. The beers and food are delicious and cheap and there is Baltimore sports paraphernalia all over.

I’ve had my heart broken before and do not consider myself naive, thus I was aware from the start of Turp’s suspect credibility as a true Baltimore Sports Bar–which I will henceforth abbreviate as BSB. After all, a real BSB acquires the pieces of local lore and sports mementos that hang on its walls over many years of dedication to the city. Turp’s, by contrast, seems to have taken what I would call the “Applebee’s Approach,” and just bought a ton of Baltimore sports stuff in one fell swoop to appear to be legit. For a while, I have been content to give Turp’s the benefit of the doubt in terms of the bar’s intentions  and still consider it a BSB.

Does this look like a Raven to you?

However, last night all that changed. I was sipping my beer in one of the booths, when who should I see but the owner, John Turpin himself. As I approached with the intention  of buying him a cold Boh, I noticed that he was wearing a hat with the NFL emblem on the back. Even without being able to see the logo on the front, something–call it an innate  sense of Baltimore authenticity–told me that this was no Ravens hat. As Turpin turned, I began to see what could only  be described as a sideways blue and silver triangle which, as he continued turning, revealed itself to be none other that the star of the Dallas Cowboys!

How is one supposed to enjoy a BSB when the owner of said bar is practically flaunting his lack of allegiance to Baltimore sports?! I don’t know if Turpin is a Cowboys fan or if he is a Ravens fan that just thinks the Cowboys “have a cool logo” but both are equally offensive in my book. What makes it even worse is the illustration of John Turpin in the menu, which depicts him wearing an Orioles jersey and drinking a Natty Boh. Shouldn’t that be a Rangers jersey and a Shiner Bock in his hand?

I won’t be boycotting Turp’s since the value is too good, but I can’t help but feel disillusioned since discovering that it is likely operated, not by a Baltimore Sports fan, but a phony Dallas fan. As a Mount Vernon resident with few options for quality sports bars, I beg you, John Turpin, to make a grown up decision, apologize to everyone, and TAKE OFF YOUR HAT!

Making fun of Boston fans


Our Competition

At this point, any questions about Tom Brady’s douchiness can be put to rest: