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Circulator Kicks Off Service

This morning Sheila Dixon was on hand to help begin service of the Charm City Circulator, a free bus service that provides eco-friendly transportation throughout downtown.  The Orange Line is the first to go into effect, traveling East/West from the University of Maryland area across downtown to Harbor East and Little Italy.

If you’re downtown in the next few days hop on and let us know what the service is like.


Sheila Dixon Stepping Down As Mayor of Baltimore


Senator Theater Update

Last night a meeting was held at the historic Senator Theater to review four proposals for the future of the theater.  The proposals included ideas for the site to remain a first-run movie theater as well as a potential site for a multi-purpose performing arts center, apartments, restaurants, or a local radio station.  Personally I’d like to see The Senator remain a first-run theater; as I’ve detailed before on this blog there isn’t another theater experience like The Senator.  The large screen, large auditorium, and “large” sound make it a unique place for people to see movies that they wouldn’t otherwise experience in today’s shift toward megaplexes with 10+ screens.  No one is sure whether these proposals are doable in the near future, but based solely off of the ideas bounced around last night I’d definitely like to see the vision of Buzz Cusack some to fruition.  If The Senator could resemble anything close to what the Charles has become it would be great for the neighborhood and all film lovers in Baltimore.  The Station North district was hardly more than what the Belvedere/Govans area is now and it has blossomed into a thriving center of arts and food.  Bringing the theater back would also help the resurgent Belvedere Square and other restaurants in the area like Cafe Zen.  There’s obviously still plenty of work to do but hopefully in the future we can talk, once again, about the brilliant movies we’ve just seen at The Senator.

Boh is Back!

Thanks to your tireless efforts Boh is back at Glory Days.  After being bombarded by letters from Bohs and O’s readers from around Baltimore, Glory Days has put Boh back on the menu.  Your Bohs and O’s team has been on the front lines in this fight going to Glory Days weekly and ordering a Boh every time we needed a beer.  This may have pissed off our waitress, Whortis, who made some snide comments, but our determination paid off in the end.  And Whortis paid for her anti-Boh sentiment when we “accidentally” spilled our first Glory Days Boh in almost a year all over her stupid Redskins jersey.  Hopefully that teaches her to leave the caps on the Boh next time she serves one.

Bohs and O’s is a blog of its word and we have been back to Glory Days several times to order Bohs and a bucket of wings with all the sauces on the side.  Our most recent trek was for the Oakland game.  I have never seen Glory Days so crowded.  Unfortunately this was mainly due to the collision of the two obnoxious bandwagons for the Eagles and Cowboys.  Despite the fact the game was out of reach very early they continued to scream and shout and pretend like they were actual fans of those teams.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that both those teams are perennial contenders.

Unfortunately Glory Days has long been the home of out-of-town fans and is not the optimal place to spend a Purple Sunday.  As previously mentioned some of the wait staff was wearing Redskins jerseys.  Unacceptable.  I would recommend Glory Days for an O’s game and some trivia when the crowd is a little more subdued in true O’s fan fashion.  Boh enthusiasts please feel free to enjoy Glory Days once again.


As 2,000 workers were clearing the snow at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday I hope everyone else was able to get out and enjoy the wintry conditions throughout the city and surrounding areas.  Although we’ve seen storms this big in the past I can’t remember a blizzard coming this early in the year.  The Bohs and O’s team spent much of the day in Federal Hill park where there were a wide variety of snow activities taking place.  There were snowballs being thrown, snowmen being built, and sleds racing down the side of the hill.  A snowy winter day is a unique environment that brings everyone together in the city with neighbors helping each other get cars uncovered and people of all ages playing carelessly in the powder.  Ideally this storm would have occurred during the week to give everyone an extra vacation day, but hey, we can’t always get what we want.  At least we got to enjoy one day of beautiful winter weather and can hopefully look forward to more as the winter progresses.

Brooks statue at OPACY

Although known for winning an incredible 16 Gold Gloves during his career, Brooks Robinson will now be honored in bronze outside Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  Yesterday the Baltimore Public Art Commission approved the installation of a 9-foot tall statue of Brooks in a plaza outside of the Yard.  The statue should be in place for the start of the 2011 season.

I think many long-time O’s fans would argue that an honor like this is long overdue for Brooks, who played in 23 seasons in Baltimore.  Although I never saw him play I grew up in a family of devoted O’s fans who followed his career closely on and off the field and I don’t think I ever heard anything negative about him.  He was a consummate professional on the field and embraced the greater Baltimore community as his home and has remained committed to numerous charitable efforts here.  Many today would still anoint Brooks as the face of Baltimore baseball and, in that vein, it is important that newer generations of O’s fans appreciate what a special player and Baltimorean Brooks was.

Support Baltimore’s World Cup Bid

Click here to fill out the petition in support of Baltimore hosting World Cup soccer games should the U.S. host the event in 2018 or 2022.  M&T Bank Stadium is one of 27 remaining sites vying to host games, narrowed down from a list of over 70.  The final cut to 18 will come sometime next week.

Boston is one of the 27 other cities.  We can not let them get chosen over us.  What a shame it would be if all of those foreigners coming in were forced to go to Boston and would think that Americans were all douches who drink that shitty beer Sam Adams.  They would never get to experience the charm of Charm City or the taste of a cold Natty Boh!  The horror!