Senator Theater Update

Last night a meeting was held at the historic Senator Theater to review four proposals for the future of the theater.  The proposals included ideas for the site to remain a first-run movie theater as well as a potential site for a multi-purpose performing arts center, apartments, restaurants, or a local radio station.  Personally I’d like to see The Senator remain a first-run theater; as I’ve detailed before on this blog there isn’t another theater experience like The Senator.  The large screen, large auditorium, and “large” sound make it a unique place for people to see movies that they wouldn’t otherwise experience in today’s shift toward megaplexes with 10+ screens.  No one is sure whether these proposals are doable in the near future, but based solely off of the ideas bounced around last night I’d definitely like to see the vision of Buzz Cusack some to fruition.  If The Senator could resemble anything close to what the Charles has become it would be great for the neighborhood and all film lovers in Baltimore.  The Station North district was hardly more than what the Belvedere/Govans area is now and it has blossomed into a thriving center of arts and food.  Bringing the theater back would also help the resurgent Belvedere Square and other restaurants in the area like Cafe Zen.  There’s obviously still plenty of work to do but hopefully in the future we can talk, once again, about the brilliant movies we’ve just seen at The Senator.


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