Why is it Always Boston?

It is time for the Ravens to do what the Orioles can never do:  win in Boston!  A win on Sunday would almost make up for the suffering we have had to endure every time the Orioles head up to Fenway.  It will almost make up for the $100 tickets that Bohs and O’s purchased to see the Orioles in Fenway only to be mercifully kicked out in the third inning.  So please Ravens, go up there and beat those bandwagon bitches.  And let’s make it a blowout so the roughing the passer penalty that ends Tom Brady’s career is completely meaningless.

I would love to go up there to watch the Ravens avenge all of those Orioles losses, but I am a little nervous about the stadium conditions.  How similar is Gillette to Fenway?  In other words, will I be in a section with complete pussies who can’t handle a couple innocent jeers about the steroid use of their fat, overrated DH?  Will I be sitting behind a pole unable to see the QB release the ball?  Will the ushers kick me out for no reason besides my decision to exercise my freedom of speech towards the d-bags that surrounded me?  If it is at all like Fenway I don’t think it will be worth the trip.

Win or lose, it is nice to be back in the playoffs again.  After a very grueling, up and down regular season it is very rewarding to be in this position.  I know we are only 9-7, and maybe not very deserving of a spot, but we are in the playoffs and the Steelers are not so I am content.

The clinching victory was a great way to start off 2010 which with any luck will be a great sports year.  Hopefully the Ravens will make a run in the playoffs, the US will give strong showings at both the winter games and World Cup, the Orioles will flirt with .500, and the Terps will make the tournament.


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