Don’t Feel Like Going to the Harbor to See the Fireworks, Make Your Own!

I have just discovered I have been missing out on a long-standing Baltimore tradition.  After reading today’s Sun I found out my Baltimore New Year’s celebrations have been incomplete.  I had seen the fireworks and drank the Bohs, but I have not yet fired a gun into the air as the ball drops.  According to the article the Baltimore Police have asked people to not fire their gun’s in the air tonight at midnight.  If you already though that doing this was OK, then I doubt you will be listening to any messages coming from the police.

Apparently it got so bad that Police Officers were seeking cover under overpasses and in buildings to avoid being hit by a shower of bullets shortly after midnight.  This practice ceased when then Mayor O’Malley ordered them to stay out and arrest the perpetrators.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

“I could see the fireworks downtown, but I thought I was in the middle of Beirut,” the retired captain said. “Guns were going off around me like crazy.”

One year, a city officer was heard on the radio saying, “In addition to all the gunfire, we have fireworks.”

Moses, the police spokesman, noted the obvious, a statement given out every year by one police official or another: “When you fire those rounds up in the air, they have to come down.”

But, Moses said, “It’s still a Baltimore tradition, one that we have to deal with.”

I think I will be staying inside at midnight tonight.,0,470543.story


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