Terps of the Decade

When coming up with the Maryland Men’s Basketball team of the decade the obvious place to start is the 2002 National Championship team.  I then went through the other 9 years of play during the decade and tried to decide if anyone could knock one of those 5 out of his spot.  The answer I came up with…no.  So this has turned out to be a mini-tribute to the 2002 National Champions, but I’ve added a second team of non-champion Terps from throughout the past ten years.


PG – Steve Blake

SG – Juan Dixon (Overall Player of the Decade)

SF – Byron Mouton

PF – Chris Wilcox

C – Lonny Baxter


PG – John Gilchrist

SG – Greivis Vasquez

SF – Nik Caner-Medley

PF – Terence Morris

C – Bambale Osby

It was interesting to look back through the past Maryland rosters and see that we were very weak in talent at small forward and center and deep at both guard positions.  The latter is something that needs to be improved upon going forward for Gary and the Terps; even at power forward, where we had more consistent performances, we had guys who liked to play the perimeter and shoot jumpers rather than take the ball down low and post up.  Hopefully the additions this year of Williams and Padgett will help the Terps get back to a in-and-out offense with offensive rebounding potential.  If Lonny Baxter wasn’t so busy waving guns around at DC night clubs he could definitely teach the two of them some post moves.


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