City homicides rise in ’09

With multiple shootings over the holiday weekend the Baltimore City homicide count reached 235, passing the 234 the city experienced in 2008.  This is clearly not the direction the city government and police force wanted to go in this year, but the BCPD is quick to point out that while homicides may have exceeded the 2008 total, total shootings are down more than 20% (125 fewer non-fatal shootings).   Between this news and the results of her trial last month this is hardly the way Mayor Sheila Dixon dreamed of ending 2009 and moving into the new decade.  The 2008 homicide figure was a 20-year low and we should hope that, even with a hiccup in 2009, it continues to drop going forward.


2 responses to “City homicides rise in ’09

  1. Governess Ridgley

    New York City homicides are down considerably this year. What are they doing right?

  2. Does 125 fewer non-fatal shootings mean there are less shootings, or that the criminals are just worse shots?

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