O’s of the Decade

Everyone in the media has been spending the past few weeks coming up with their “_______ of the Decade” lists in given areas of expertise.  I thought I’d start off this last week of 2009 by going through the Orioles of the Decade.  I can tell you that tackling this subject was no small feat.  Considering this was a team that averaged less than 70 wins during the decade it’s not a particularly impressive group of players.  Hopefully when I make this list again in 10 years we’ll be able to recount the heroic play of Wieters, Reimold, Matusz, and Tillman and relive our World Series Championships.  Until then we’ll have to live with the likes to the following:

Catcher: Javy Lopez (Honorable Mention – Ramon Hernandez)

First Base: Kevin Millar (Honorable Mention – Aubrey Huff)

Second Base: Brian Roberts (Honorable Mention – Jerry Hairston)

Third Base: Melvin Mora (Honorable Mention – Tony Batista)

Shortstop: Miguel Tejada (Honorable Mention – Chris Gomez)

Left Field: B.J. Surhoff (Honorable Mention – Larry Bigbie)

Center Field: Jay Payton (Honorable Mention – Adam Jones)

Right Field: Nick Markakis (Honorable Mention – Jay Gibbons)

Starting Pitcher: Erik Bedard (Honorable Mention – Rodrigo Lopez)

Relief Pitcher: B.J. Ryan (Honorable Mention – Buddy Groom)

I don’t even think the Royals or Pirates would have an all-decade team that looked so bad.  With only a month and a half until pitchers and catchers report let’s not take too much time to dwell on one of the worst decades by a professional team in history and look forward to what could be a decade of reemergence for our beloved Orioles.


3 responses to “O’s of the Decade

  1. It’s been a tough decade but the future is bright! Good list though I would probably insert Jeff Conine at first for Millar and move Adam Jones to the top spot at CF with Corey Patterson as the honorable mention (if this were a list of the top spotlighters of the 2000’s Jay Pay would be a lock).

  2. I would give honorable mention at 3rd to Cal. I know he only played the first two years of the decade, but still…

  3. Good call on Niner, not sure how I skipped over him. Yes, AJ has emerged as our franchise center fielder over the past two seasons; this was more of a homer pick. I haven’t developed the kind of personal relationship yet with AJ that one can only achieve when he receives a spotlight from a center fielder in the Camden Yards bleachers. Hopefully that will change in 2010. Jay Pay will always hold a special place in my heart for his gesture that great summer of 2008 and I thought this would be the best place to honor him.

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