As 2,000 workers were clearing the snow at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday I hope everyone else was able to get out and enjoy the wintry conditions throughout the city and surrounding areas.  Although we’ve seen storms this big in the past I can’t remember a blizzard coming this early in the year.  The Bohs and O’s team spent much of the day in Federal Hill park where there were a wide variety of snow activities taking place.  There were snowballs being thrown, snowmen being built, and sleds racing down the side of the hill.  A snowy winter day is a unique environment that brings everyone together in the city with neighbors helping each other get cars uncovered and people of all ages playing carelessly in the powder.  Ideally this storm would have occurred during the week to give everyone an extra vacation day, but hey, we can’t always get what we want.  At least we got to enjoy one day of beautiful winter weather and can hopefully look forward to more as the winter progresses.


One response to “Snow

  1. This should guarantee Baltimore’s first white Christmas in recent memory.

    It does not get much better than enjoying a snow chilled Natty Boh and in a superheated hot tub.

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