Playoff Bound?

Sunday’s slate of football games was almost perfect for the Ravens.  The Ravens won easily with a dominating performance from Joe Flacco and the defense.  The Broncos, Jets, Jaguars (Thursday night) and Dolphins all lost.  The only blemish on the day was a burly piece of trailer trash connecting on a 19 yard touchdown as time expired to beat the Packers.  The Ravens are now the 5 seed in the AFC and control their own destiny.

The touchdown pass by the not fully evolved inbred makes the Ravens trip to Pittsburgh very big.  If the Ravens go down toPittsburgh they will be tied with the Steelers with one game to play.  If they win they will have all but locked up a playoff spot.  I know that last Monday I said that I no longer considered the Steelers a threat.  This may have been a bit premature.  The Steelers now have more to play for than just spite.  Santa, forget The Wire box set, all I want for Christmas is to see Ray Lewis urinating on Hines Ward (wouldn’t be a total loss for Hines, he could hire Barry Glazer as his lawyer) with the Steelers fans leaping off the second deck acknowledging the end of their season.

Our last game at Oakland is also no longer a cupcake.  The Raiders have helped the Ravens a lot over the past few weeks beating both Pittsburgh and Denver.  They are playing inspired football and will not roll over for the Ravens.  I am also a little concerned about Flacco being distracted by the din of whistletips outside the stadium.


One response to “Playoff Bound?

  1. Great article, no need for a lengthy comment, I agree with everything. If I was corner boy on wire I’d rebrand the spider bags I was dealing the “Purple Fever”

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