Greetin’s from Joe from Arbutus

This is me in my den.

Hey, how yall doon out ‘ere in da blogissfeer.

This ma first post soze I jus wanted ta innerdeuce mah self.  Names Joe from Arbutus, an I never did wunner these ‘afore soz lets have a go at it.  firs thins firs, how the heck did I get on thinernets. where i come from, thinnernets a place for people like al gore, barracks obamers and other tax ‘n spend libruls.  correction ‘err: somtimes I do use it to talk ta nice ladies round bouts my age, like LaxQT92, BrinMarBabe11.  Anywho, soze one night I met eez collich guys round abouts a bar I frickwint.  We got perdy cordial talkin’ Ravens ‘n Orruls, and acame fast friends.  I love hangin’ out with these young guys. They understand the portant things in life, like hammerin’ out a duz for breakfast, washin it down with a couple natties, and for dessert, eatin’ a bag a Utz regalars dipped in meltit choclit. That’s good eatin!  I hope to let yall know about my thoughts on a variety of thngs of local ainterest as I try to survive the democrats takeowever of Warshington DC and Naplis Mareland.  Who knows, maybe another Arbutus boy will repsent us soon inna state halce for too long.  It’s purple Friday where I’m at, so let’s get this weekend party started, aint that what yall would say round your way?

Overnout! That’s my catch phrase don’t wear her in.


One response to “Greetin’s from Joe from Arbutus

  1. Welcome to the site Joe! It was great to meet you at the Crease’s ladies’ night last week. Also, thanks for the shots of patron!

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