Charm City Circulator to actually begin service

After months of waiting, that we’ve detailed previously in this blog, it looks like the Charm City Circulator will finally begin service on January 11.  For those just picking up on this saga, the Circulator is a free shuttle service that will bus passengers back and forth on three routes: Hollins Market – Harbor East, Federal Hill – Mt Vernon, and Hopkins Hospital – Fells Point.  Using eco-friendly buses, this service would benefit anyone living or working in the downtown area and is a welcome addition to the city’s public transportation system.  The delay has been labeled a financial boon as putting a hold on the buses has helped the city to save over $3 million and will allow it to pay off the buses 5 years earlier than expected.  Certainly any fiscal relief the city can achieve is a good thing, but I don’t think I’d consider it a more advantageous situation when the city broke a commitment to its citizens and stalled on a desperately needed transportation project downtown.  Hopefully we can make it to January 11 with no more issues and all Baltimoreans will be able to enjoy the new shuttle.


8 responses to “Charm City Circulator to actually begin service

  1. Do you know what the hours are?

    • Unfortunately the website doesn’t have many details on it at this point. Considering that service will start in less than a month it’s about time they gave us more details regarding the operations. I would hope it runs well into the evening to make it easier for young, social Baltimoreans to venture between neighborhoods to enjoy some Bohs.

  2. Baltimore has always needed a free drunk party bus around the city. I doubt that it would get sketchy/creepy.

  3. Yes, Free transportation for all…exactly what this crime-ridden, broke-ass city needs…At least baltimore’s finest will now have a way to get to the slot parlors if they ever materialize.

  4. Only one of those routes is starting in January. This is also paid for by increasing taxes on downtown area parking and parking fines. I don’t see how the city can raise taxes to pay for a service and then not provide that service.

    • Because that’s what inefficiently run cities do. They make budgets that they can’t stick to and are too ambitious with the projected start dates of new projects.

  5. Fellow bros, let’s hold off judgment until it actually starts running. Obviously it’s been slower to get rolled out than expected, but a lot of projects, not just those taken on by city governments, are stalling or delayed. Who knows how long I’ll have to wait to get my condo in the Four Seasons.

  6. That is bullshit. I have a little NY slam piece coming in for New Year’s. Am I supposed to take her to the Mariott with all the peons? Do they even have a penthouse? I bet the top button on the elevator just says “You can’t afford it.” What is she going to think of me?

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