The Blind Side

As a Baltimorean and Ravens fan I figured I must go see the Blind Side.  So I grabbed an SNG and headed over to the Landmark Theatres in Harbor East.  For those readers who have not been to Landmark you are missing out on the best movie viewing experience in Baltimore.  There is a great bar in the lobby to kill some time if you get there early.  They do not serve Natty Boh but I was very happy with my Clipper City that I could take into the theatre.  (Hint:  Ask for the large cup which can fit two beers.)  The seats in the theatre are very comfortable and lean back just enough to get very relaxed.  The cups they use were designed to fit perfectly into the armrest cup holders, an underrated amenity.

The movie was exactly what I expected it to be.  It was a feel good movie that made me smile and warmed my heart.  When I say feel good movie I mean this is a “feel like you are eating crabs with Amber Theoharris while watching the O’s win the World Series” movie.  If you are feeling down at all, or regretting any bad decisions you may have made last weekend than go see this movie and it will almost make you feel like your girlfriend didn’t catch you DFMOing with that zero at Stalking Horse.

The Blind Side had the most Baltimore football references since the famous “crab cakes and football” line in Wedding Crashers.  There are pictures of JO in the opening montage and footage of Michael Oher being drafted in the closing montage.  One writer for the LA Times wrote an article describing how the movie made her a Ravens fan after she abandoned the NFL when the Colts moved to Indy.  It is clearly very powerful.

I would not call the Blind Side a must see, however, should the Ravens go down to Chicago this weekend it would be the perfect Sunday night antidote.


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  1. can we get a definition of DFMO in the glossary? For our less sweet/fratty readers.

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