Baltimore County Turns 350 Years Old

As the Bohs and O’s resident County correspondent I would like to take this time recognize that Baltimore County celebrated her 350th birthday this week.  Much of the reporting we do on this site focuses on Baltimore City, but I would like to take this opportunity to focus on the attractions and beauty of my birthplace, Baltimore County.

Baltimore County was founded in 1659, 70 years before the founding of Baltimore city.  Let us not forget that Baltimore City was once a part of Baltimore County until county leaders grew weary of the City’s many problems and kicked it out in 1851.  Shortly after in 1854 these County leaders made the wise decision of selecting Towson as the County Seat.  Some of my fellow Bohs and O’s contributors often look down on Baltimore County, but only because they are ignorant of her illustrious past.

Some of Bohs and O’s favorite county activities include:

  • Tubing on the Gunpowder
  • Wine tasting at Boordy, Woodhall, and Basigiani
  • Everything Towson, but especially enjoying Kine Teas at Soris’ Saloon
  • Sloshball
  • Betting on the horses at the State Fair
  • Damien Wolfe at Hightops

There is all of this and much more!  Celebrate the 350th anniversary of Baltimore County’s founding by telling us some of your favorite things about the County.


6 responses to “Baltimore County Turns 350 Years Old

  1. Baltimore County has an award winning world class library system that welcomes over 5 million visitors every year. And don’t forget the great waterfront in Essex and Middle River. Renting one of Bill’s boats and motoring out to Hart Miller Island for birdwatching and a visit to the pizza boat is something only available in Baltimore County!

  2. my fav thing is the new P.F. Changs. I usually don’t like ethnic foods, but that place is soooo good yall!!!!

  3. Hey Becky, how about you go drop your kids off at LTRC soccer practice and meet me at P.F. Changs. Then we can take the skywalk to the Sheraton and you can be my little geisha girl in the penthouse.

  4. OoOOOOO Fancy!!!! My husband is a strip mall developer and is out of town at a Quizno’s conference in Tempe for the whole week . I’ll have our neighbor from Hereford High over to babysit my kids–Jayden, Fisher, Bailey, and Tad.

  5. You know instead of supporting the capitalist pigs that run PF Changs you could stop by your local food co-op and pick up all the ingredients you’d need to cook up some delicious sczezhaun tofu. My wife, Dandelion, and I cook it all the time.

  6. Bitch, I don’t care about your oddly named children. Tell your nouveau riche husband that I don’t care if he comes home mid-plow. I will show him how a real man uses his egg roll.

    Hey Hemp, shut the fuck up. Don’t be putting your pinko ideas in my bitches head. But don’t worry she will wish she had been a feminist once I am through with her.

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