Billick To Call Ravens vs. Bears

Those of us who won’t be at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday will be treated to a very familiar voice giving analysis for Fox: Brian Billick.  The network has given Billick the assignment of Ravens vs. Bears on Sunday and it will be his first time calling a Ravens game since he was fired almost 2 years ago.  For those who haven’t seen Billick on Fox yet he’s been doing a great job.  His honesty and knowledge of the game make him one of the better analysts on either network.  He doesn’t gush over star players (Phil Simms) or provide useless commentary on something that someone watching for the first time could pick up on (Dan Dierdorf); he provides solid analysis and, having coached against many of the players he sees each week, points out many things that even more seasoned football fans would not catch on the first viewing.  It should be an interesting game to watch on TV to hear Brian’s analysis of what most of us consider to be a Ravens team that has largely underachieved this season.  It’ll be his first look at some players: What will he think of Michael Oher?  Joe Flacco? Ray Rice?  Most of us, though, will be keyed in on how he analyzes some of the players he worked with here for years: How much has Ray Lewis lost over the past two years?  What has prevented Terrell Suggs from breaking out as an elite end rusher?  Can Mark Clayton become an every-down threat?  Hopefully these questions, and more, will be answered on Sunday at 1 pm.


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