Baltimore Sandwiches: Andy Nelson’s Pulled Pork

Baltimore, though many traditionalists wouldn’t think so, is a barbecue town.  If you travel to many neighborhoods on a Saturday in the summer it’s easy to smell a grill cooking all kinds of meat.  From your back yard to roadside pit beef stands to Boog’s at OPACY there’s quality barbecue all over the area.  The shining jewel of Baltimore barbecue, though, is Andy Nelson’s.  Located on York Road in Cockeysville, and easily recognized by the giant pink pig atop the roof, Andy Nelson’s has been providing the Baltimore area with top-notch barbecue for years.  Many are familiar with their catering service, which is a popular choice for many Baltimoreans hosting graduation parties and other events.

Going up to the counter at Andy Nelson’s you’re overwhelmed by choices and everything sounds fantastic on the menu.  I’d recommend, though, that you don’t stray from a true classic, the pulled pork sandwich.  The meat is all freshly smoked in-house and it’s served on an excellent kaiser roll.  The quality of the meat is incredible and with some horseradish and their homemade barbecue sauce is perfectly flavored.  With the express meal you also get to choose two of Andy Nelson’s great sides, my two personal favorites being the cole slaw and the potato salad.

The only drawback of Andy Nelson’s is that it gets so crowded around lunchtime because everyone knows how great it is.  If you’re looking for another barbecue option that is hardly a downgrade, if at all, I’d suggest Big Bad Wolf BBQ on Harford Road.  It’s just an unassuming shack on the side of the road, but you’ll be treated to some of the best barbecue the city has to offer.

Andy Nelson’s Barbecue Restaurant

11011 York Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030-2004
(410) 527-1226

Big Bad Wolf’s House of Barbecue

5713 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214-2262
(410) 444-6422


2 responses to “Baltimore Sandwiches: Andy Nelson’s Pulled Pork

  1. Some other good BBQ places near Andy Nelson’s are Corner Stable, Charred Rib and the Charcoal Deli. I really need to try out HarborQue. From what I have heard it could contend with Rub for the best BBQ in Fed Hill.

  2. I really like Charcoal Deli and most people probably don’t even know where it is. It’s a perfect little BBQ shack located on the NW corner of the York Rd/Cranbrook intersection. If you turn onto Cranbrook going west of York it will be on your right behind a cell phone store. No indoor seating makes it tough to eat there over the winter, but bring a sandwich back to your office to make all of your colleagues jealous.

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