Suicide Hill

When I woke up on Saturday morning (okay…afternoon) and saw the first snowfall of the winter coming down I had very mixed feelings.  Having spent Thanksgiving and the week preceding it in Southern California I was less than thrilled that the cold weather had moved in and although we had entered into December my body was not yet prepared for our first freezing temperatures.  I was, however, very excited that we didn’t have to endure the bitter-cold air without some snowfall, as fresh snow is one of the only fun things about the winter.  Between skiing, sledding, snowball fights, and pickup football there are enough snow-related activities to take your mind off the fact that your hands might be numb or you’re worried about not getting the feeling back in your toes for days.  Unfortunately this first snowfall came and went and by Saturday night there was no sign of the day’s earlier flurries.  The brief snowfall, though, did make me nostalgic for the times when my friends and I would gather at Suicide Hill on snow days; when cold weather made no difference as our adrenaline kept our hearts racing as we sped down the greatest sledding hill in Baltimore.

Suicide Hill is a long-standing tradition during Baltimore winters; a long, steep hill on the old golf course at Baltimore Country Club in Roland Park, the hill starts up by the clubhouse and runs down toward Falls Road.  On the first snow day of the year, young Baltimore bros would all convene at Suicide Hill for a day of sledding like no other.  Everyone who grew up in the area has stories about something they or their friends did at Suicide Hill, whether it was the jump they set up mid-way down or the race that ended with a vicious crash at the bottom.  Walking out of my house again this morning and seeing my breath in the air was unpleasant, to say the least, but at least with winter upon us we have the chance of more snowfall and the chance for the next generation of young Baltimoreans to make memories at Suicide Hill.


8 responses to “Suicide Hill

  1. Unfortunately the younger generations will not be able to make their memories on Suicide Hill. BCC is full of grumpy old curmudgeons. They now post numerous no tresspassing signs on the property, employ security guards, and promptly call the police when they see youngsters sledding. Perhaps they do this because they feel mistreated by the Roland Park community, a view that has some backing too it, but this Baltimore Bro doesnt buy it. Some of the best winter memories were made there. There is no reason to put an end to that.

  2. Rabbi,
    You need to venture out to the county more often. The snow that failed to accumulate in the city resulted in a couple of inches out in the county. The county is also home to a few great sledding spots itself. Check out Oregon Ridge after a good snow fall and you are sure to see some serious sledding. There is even an old unused chairlift line that remains a testament to the sledding potential at Oregon Ridge.

  3. There was a surprising amount of accumulation out in the county. If Suicide Hill is no longer open there are some good county sledding spots available. Oregon Ridge was already mentioned but also check out Greenwood right on Charles between the Beltway and GBMC. There is also a secret Bohs and O’s sledding area where some of the greatest sledding feats ever accomplished took place. We have to keep it secret though so the masses that read this site do not spoil the pristine conditions.

  4. I agree that Oregon Ridge is a great sledding location and I’m definitely excited that some snow actually stuck out in the county. I’ve heard that we should expect plenty of snow this winter after our mild fall so there should be plenty of sledding opportunities for everyone.

    As the winter moves forward we’ll probably have to highlight more sweet places to have a good time in the snow; Suicide Hill just holds a place close to my heart as it’s where most of my fondest sledding memories took place.

    Bohsnos – Next snowfall I’ll see you at the secret spot for some downhill Messiah position on plastic discs.

  5. Don’t forget about another great county spot, Hampton Mansion!

  6. Noooooooo! Stebs, you revealed the secret spot! Now it will be inundated with riffraff next time it snows.

  7. My bad, didn’t see you earlier post!

  8. Thank you contributor stebs for exposing the location of our secret spot…buckle.

    Yes, Hampton Mansion is one of the best sledding spots anywhere in the Baltimore-metro area and is rarely visited.

    Loyal readers – You are all welcome to enjoy an afternoon of enjoyment at Hampton Mansion, but please don’t bring any out-of-towners who won’t appreciate the history of the site on which they are sledding.

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