MASN Goes 100% HD

You would think that Orioles games, which are broadcast on a channel owned by Peter Angelos, would all be in HD, right? Well, apparently that was too much to expect from Mr. Angelos and the rest of the team that heads up MASN, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.  Only 110, or so, O’s game from 2009 were broadcast in HD; something most of us found perplexing and troubling.  This problem, however, has been resolved as the BBJ announced earlier today that MASN will launch a second HD channel in time for the start of the 2010 baseball season.  This ensures that all 162 regular season O’s games will be broadcast in HD.  This is great news for all O’s fans and we can only hope that the next step taken by MASN is firing Jim Hunter.


One response to “MASN Goes 100% HD

  1. This is long overdue. Amber Theoharris is going to look incredible.

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