M&T Bank Stadium Upgrades

Football, as some say, is a game of inches and often times plays are called into question that involve a player’s toes touching down inside the sideline or the ball being jostled from a runner’s arms almost at the exact moment his knee touches the ground.  Many Ravens fans who regularly attend games at M&T Bank are not afforded the luxury of seeing immediate HD quality replays of these close calls, but that will change starting next season.  The Maryland Stadium Authority and video-board manufacturer Daktronics have come to an agreement that will see the SmartVision boards at M&T Bank Stadium replaced with brand-new high-definition LED video boards.  In addition to the new hardware, a significant software upgrade will also be made as Daktronics’ “Show Control” system will help with the in-game management and increase the capabilities of the A/V department.

For those of us who frequent Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which also underwent a recent HD upgrade, this announcement is definitely something to excited about looking ahead to next season (hopefully in addition to our new #1 receiver).  The HD quality video boards at Camden Yards are beautiful and I can only imagine that this upgrade, taking place 2 years later, will see an even higher quality product being installed at M&T Bank.


One response to “M&T Bank Stadium Upgrades

  1. The scoreboards at Camden Yards are beautiful. The HD made the Crab Shuffle much easier…. until they added the bird.

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