Bohero of the Week #2: Natalie Boh

Natalie Boh

I know I promised a Bohero each week and if you have been furiously clinking refresh to see if you would be named the second Bohero of the week I am very sorry for the delay.  Thanksgiving came along and I got tied up enjoying my turkey and sauerkraut over the Thanksgiving holiday.  (For those of you who do not know, sauerkraut is a Baltimore Thanksgiving staple.  Until recently I assumed that everyone had sauerkraut at Thanksgiving but just learned that, similar to Snoballs, sauerkraut at Thanksgiving is a Baltimore specific tradition.)  Your wait to see if you are the next Bohero is finally over, but unless you are the female bartender from Nick’s Oysters in Cross Street Market that serves us Bohs, then I am afraid you will be disappointed.

That’s right; this week’s Bohero of the week goes to our favorite bartender in Baltimore.  She asked not to be named for this article (we will call her Natalie Boh), but was much honored when we presented her with the award.  Our relationship with Natalie Boh goes back two years to when several members of the Bohs and O’s team were looking for a house in Federal Hill.  We were scheduled to see a house at nine o’clock in the morning, but were stood up by the landlord.  Determined not to let this ruin a beautiful Baltimore autumn day we headed down to Cross Street Market for some Bohs.  Despite it being 9:30am Natalie still agreed to serve us Bohs and before we even asked she handed us the caps.  By the early afternoon and after several rounds of Bohs and oysters, it was love.  She even looked passed the fact that we got her in trouble when her boss accused her of stealing.  He did not believe she could have sold all of the Bohs in the bar in just a few short hours.

Our relationship has blossomed from there.  Natalie now knows us by name and when we approach the bar she now simply asks, “How many?”  She always remembers to save us the caps and is always there to help out with a riddle that stumps us.  Most importantly, she is never cotting.

Natalie could win Bohero of the week on many weeks, but she has earned the title this specific week for her superb performance on the most recent Purple Sunday.  The Bohs and O’s team began to trickle into Cross Street Market around 11:30am in preparation for the Ravens-Steelers game.  Natalie was just setting up.  When we approached the bar she told us that she knew we would be in today and in preparation had put an extra case of Boh in the cooler.  What a way to kick off a Purple Sunday!  We went on to enjoy several Bohs with Natalie that day, the riddles becoming clearer and clearer as we went along.  When our barrel could fit no more bottles we said goodbye to Natalie Boh and headed off to stadium.

As I’m sure you all know, that Purple Sunday ended almost as well as it started.  The Ravens finally beat the Steelers in OT and this can only be attributed to Natalie.  Thanks Natalie Boh and congratulations on being named this week’s Bohero of the Week!


5 responses to “Bohero of the Week #2: Natalie Boh

  1. Natalie is truly a virtuoso behind the bar at Nick’s. She wears her purple on Sundays, always has cold Bohs ready, and wouldn’t dream of throwing a cap away before its riddle was solved. Congratulations on the award!

    For the rest of our loyal readers don’t fret, next week you could be named our Bohero of the Week.

  2. The fact that she never Cots is pretty impressive. Do Not Cot

  3. errr…what is cotting?

  4. We will soon have to a segment on cotting awareness to help true Baltimoreans avoid cotting and those who cot.

  5. I think I would marry her if she was available. Total 1!

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