Maryland Twitter User @TheSoftwareJedi is an #Insult to our State

If you thought the Sheila Dixon trial was embarassing, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because I would gladly take another 10 corrupt Baltimore mayors over a single Maryland couple who felt the need to “tweet” and alter their “facebook status” DURING their wedding vows. For people who think allowing gays to marry could threaten the entire institution–#1 you’re idiots– but also, I must ask you, is the concept of marriage even worth “protecting” at this point? Because I’m pretty sure this couple just ruined it forever. At 12:48 PM on Nov 21st Dana Hanna, a loser who has seen at most one naked woman in his life software engineer, tweeted the folowing:

Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride. #weddingday

Mr. Hanna then proceed to update his facebook status to “married,” still standing at the altar. He also wrote a series of tweets while on his honeymoon, I assume these came between failed attempts to make a move on his new wife.

As Baltimore bros, we enjoy the finer things in life, like the outdoors, nice restaurants, and sharing a boh with our fellow city-dwellers. This phenomenon of constantly being connected to the internet only serves to limit the amount of fun one can have in the real world. Imagine missing the ravens final drive on sunday night because you were too busy tweeting about how neat it is that everyone wears purple to games. I actually feel bad for Mr. Hanna, as he seems more wed to his computer and cell phone than to the woman standing with him at the altar. Over/under on this marriage: 3 years.

While this post is mainly just an angry rant, I would also urge all Bohs and O’s readers to take as much time off from checking email (I’m talking to you hipster), facebook, tweets, etc. and go have some real life fun in Charm City.

Full disclosure, Bohs and O’s has a twitter page, but it just reproduces our posts and it’s not like we are tweeting personal stuff no one cares about, like “just hooked up with a zero” or “taking a poop.” And facebook should only be used in the same way as a Sunday Night Girlfriend i.e. making yourself feel less lonely after a long weekend.


2 responses to “Maryland Twitter User @TheSoftwareJedi is an #Insult to our State

  1. This is one hipster who doesn’t have an iPhone, hamsterdam.

  2. Tweet: In total agreement with @hamsterdam’s post

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