Grocery Wars – A Response to “The Parisian”

The Parisian is a great sandwich, and rabbieli has written an excellent review.  However, that sandwich is about all I will deign to eat from Eddie’s.  To be honest, I owe my physical stature and robust health to being raised on a pure Eddie’s diet, in much the same way that most ‘merican babies drink corn syrup from their mothers’ teats.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve taken a more critical stance on Eddie’s.  Their salad bar is a zero on the binary scale (of salad bars).  The lettuce is often wilted, and there is a poor selection of vegetables.  Compare this to the mighty Whole Foods salad bar, where you can find the likes of Morroccan quinoa salad, all varieties of couscous, and other multicultural salads.  I find Eddie’s to be stodgy holdover from the Old Baltimore, where old men and women empty your cart for you, and while it is charming to see employees who you have known since birth, I find Eddie’s to be over priced and over-hyped by the North Baltimore set.

But alas, how bittersweet memory is!  While writing this, I am reminded of Saturday morning’s at Eddie’s, when Mother would buy me a chocolate donut as she did her shopping.  Is that chocolate donut my madeleine, which calls me down the cobbled paths of involuntary memory? to be continued…


8 responses to “Grocery Wars – A Response to “The Parisian”

  1. i can’t say I’m down with shunning “old time baltimore” for a homogeneous national chain like Whole Foods.

    Perhaps Eddie’s should step up it’s salad bar, but Whole Foods can’t hold a candle to the Eddie’s delicatessen: I can’t imagine Whole Foods ever serving roast beef as rare as Eddie’s or naming sandwiches after local prep schools and, begrudgingly, a nearby public school.

  2. While I understand some comments in the post I’d have to agree with the general sentiment of hamsterdam. How could a self-proclaimed hipster tout the merits of a national conglomerate? Of course Whole Foods can charge lower prices than Eddie’s, it’s the same reason Wal Mart offers lower prices than a local mom-and-pop electronics store, but in today’s big-box store takeover we must sometimes overlook ideal prices to support home-grown businesses.

    Also, although the prices may be a bit higher than other grocery stores there’s no store in the area (except maybe Graul’s) that can match the consistent quality of the food at Eddie’s from produce to meats to the prepared selections. Although I wasn’t raised on food from Eddie’s daily when my family was looking to make a special meal of crab cakes, steaks, etc it was always Eddie’s that provided us with high quality offerings.

  3. I’m preparing to be roundly criticized in the media for this post.

  4. Hipster, how about next you right a post about how you prefer Lay’s to Utz because Utz does not offer a Super Taco Pizza Cheeeeezzzyy Dorito flavor.

  5. Baltimore Transplant

    In Hipster’s defense, Baltimore lacks a co-op alternative to the Whole Foods chain.

    And as for Eddie’s of RP, I think the real reason Hipster doesn’t like it is that he always runs into family friends or moms of old classmates, and the experience quickly becomes awkward and regrettable.

  6. or mom’s old classmates, as I have seen happen before.

  7. I am very perturbed that the obviously superior gourmet market Graul’s was not mentioned in the grocery wars post. As an enthusiast of Graul’s I find that Graul’s has unmatched quality, award-winning products, and superior tasting foods. Along with of the aforementioned qualities Graul’s provides the best customer service of any store I have been to. I find what rabbieli said offensive as Graul’s definitely carries a better, all jumbo lump, crab cake and the best Roseda steak out there. When you want the best chicken salad in Baltimore don’t forget to stop in at Ruxton and gossip with Lester.
    P.S. The Yule Log, a holiday delicacy, will be on the shelves soon. Not to be missed.

    • Regarding this debate I think most people tend to fall on the side of whichever store they live(d) nearest. To be honest I find Eddie’s and Grauls to be virtually one in the same from the quality of products to the atmosphere to the size and layout of the stores. Having grown up in the Homeland area I found myself at Eddie’s far more often, but I know plenty of people from Ruxton who swear by Grauls. Regardless of which you prefer, it’s nice just to have options for high quality food products in smaller local supermarkets.

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