Mayor Sheila Dixon has been found Guilty of embezzlement.  There are still many legal questions to be answered.  Will she be forced to step down?  Will she do any time behind bars?  What are her appeal options?  Bohs and O’s contributors will give you their thoughts and analysis throughout the day and we encourage yours as well.  We will also continue to follow this story as it unfolds.


9 responses to “Guilty

  1. I’m not sure how she can stay in office at this point. She was a good leader for our city and I think many fear what will happen with Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as Mayor, but what Sheila did is inexcusable.

  2. This trial was a waste of time and money. The cost of the legal fees and the bad press for Baltimore will be a lot more than $600 in gift cards.

    • Absolutely. That seemed inevitable before the trial even started. Those $600 were spent after probably an hour and a half of her lawyers time and now we, as city and state residents, have to pay for the prosecution.

  3. The popular wisdom was, “Baltimore will never convict a black woman Mayor” (this was said with varying degrees of racism) but she has been found guilty as charged to the surprise of many commentators (expert and lay). More comments and musings to follow…

  4. Bohsnos while there is no question that the cost of the legal fees is more than the $600 in gift cards that were stolen, the size of what was stolen doesnt matter. It was against the law. End of story. Should you take someone to court if they stole a computer from you? I doubt you would say no, but what if the person uses a public defender. We are all footing the bill for that.. This is clearly a bad day for the city, and the negative press will hurt, but in the long run it is better to get her out than it would be sweep this corruption and ileagal activity under the rug.

  5. Did they ever indicate whether the city would be stuck with the bill? I recall that Weiner did not comment on the issue. Maybe he can get paid in gift cards….but I think she should stay in office.
    Rawlings-Blake is not intelligent. She should be kept as far from City Hall as possible. One day it will get better….

  6. It seems very likely she will be at least suspended from holding office until an appeal. Apparently if her conviction is deemed to have been related to official duties, which it almost certainly is, then under state law she can not serve as mayor.

    The worst part of all of this is that it stokes the already seething hatred of the Baltimore democratic establishment that is expressed by so many Ehrlich supporters. Here’s an example of a typical bitter Ehrlich supporter fabricating a conspiracy theory to bring O’Malley down with Dixon:,0,6305704.story

  7. Here’s a great parody of the desperation and fear-mongering of Ehrlich supporters (written by someone on an O’malley bashing site):

    My memory may not serve me well on this, but wasn’t there a story about a second cousin once removed from a guy who sold O’Malley a cup of coffee in 1993 whose aunt decided to donate to his campaign last year? In return, didn’t O’Malley go BACK to the coffee shop and order the extra large? And wasn’t the person running the coffee shop Muslim of some kind? I kind of remember something like that here. Didn’t seem to get much traction.

  8. Isn’t there a phrase “no press is bad press?” I’d have to call that into question right now as a picture of Sheila Dixon leaving the courthouse is the lead story on with the headline “Baltimore Mayor Convicted in Card Case.”

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