Cheesy Pro-Marriage Signs get the Bmore Treatment

This sign is part of a long tradition of Baltimoreans defacing cheesy slogans to make them funny (and also insulting to our city). It’s right up there with those benches that are supposed to read “Baltimre, the city that reads” but now say “Baltimore, the city that breeds.” Do people think this graffiti is done by inner city youths making a cry for help or by painfully ironic MICA students who consider graffiti to be an exhibitionist style of art and are trying to give voice to the the quiet desolation of urban existence?

The sign itself is part of a marketing strategy funded by Campaign for our Children, which is a right wing group trying to promote abstinence to inner city youths. Boh’s and O’s will keep readers posted on when this abstinence education campaign starts working in Baltimore, or anywhere else for that matter.


2 responses to “Cheesy Pro-Marriage Signs get the Bmore Treatment

  1. One of my favorite signs that is defaced on a regular basis is the pleasant sign on the corner of Charles St. and St. Albans way marking the entrance to the white upper class neighborhood of Homeland. The sign is a classy white sign that simply stated in black letters, “Homeland”. Everyonce in a while pranksters with remove the “e” and spray paint on an “o” thus making the sign read “Homoland” although I think this could be improved upon by first stealing the “o” then stealing the “e” once they had replaced the first stolen “o”. This way there is no need for the harmful areasols contained in the spray paint.

  2. If my memory serves me I believe someone used to regularly spray pain “hon” under the “Welcome to Baltimore” sing on the BW Parkway.

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