Tom Clancy buys Penthouse

Semi-local author and part owner of the O’s Tom Clancy recently bought the penthouse condo in the new Ritz-Carlton building in Federal Hill. He purchased the condo for 12.6 million bones. The apartment has 6.5 bathrooms, 6 balconies, a movie theatre, and comes complete with the pleasant smell of rotting dead fish each summer.

RXR Realty CEO Schott Rechler stated that this marked a “milestone” turn around in the Baltimore real estate market. Well Schott now all we need to do is find 15 more Tom Clancy’s and maybe we can start to fill up those ridiculous condos at Silo Point.


2 responses to “Tom Clancy buys Penthouse

  1. The Baltimore real estate market needs to begin defining a successful infrastructure for the city’s residential growth opportunities. As a successful entrepreneur in my own right, I know that real estate is an industry that requires the utmost level of confidence, foresight, and an acumen of business. Herein the aforementioned point, I would inquire into the next step in the city’s strategic portfolio.

  2. I hear that Michael Morris is selling the rest of those condo’s on Craigs List

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