That Dog Won’t Hunt

Bawdymore bros. Take it from me, an expert. It’s time for Ray Lewis to move on. As I think about our boys in purple, and reflect on my last post in which I diagnosed the Ravens pathology as living in the past, perhaps it’s time to face facts. Ray Lewis is a mere shell (albeit a large and frightening shell) of his former self. The cat is missing tackles left and right. Did you see him get confused by Peyton Manning’s fake hand off? As we say where I’m from, “that dog won’t hunt”…it’s time for RayRay to move on.

If you find my body in a hail of gunfire outside of a club in ATL Georgia you can consider this blog post ill advised. Am I way off base and have no idea what I’m talking about or am I pointing to a hard truth?


5 responses to “That Dog Won’t Hunt

  1. Actually, it’s more likely that we’d find your body in a hail of gunfire outside of a club in Miami, Florida, home of The U!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry Hipster, I have to agree with Hamsterdam on this one. I think you should stick to posting within the confines of Mt. Vernon and Hampden.

    There was a very cute waitress at Stalking Horse on Sunday that was rocking a Ravens jersey but still staying true to her hipster style with a white and purple striped hoodie. You have enjoyed it.

  3. Great analysis by Hamsterdam, I concede that I may need to get back to “Football for Dummies (or girlfriends)” BAM!

    Bohsnos- isn’t it interesting that the American Apparel is in Federal Hill? What do Fed Hill natives (post college bros and the ladies who love them) think of having a bastion of hipsterdom in their very backyard? If only someone from Federal Hill could comment on the “town and gown” relationship there.

  4. Agreed. That would be a great idea for a post.

    In fact, we will be putting out a post in the near future about one specific relationship between bros and townies that occurs in fed hill. Stay tuned.

  5. I dig the hipster girls. Sometimes you get tired of sorority crowd and you just want to cuddle up with a little hipster listen to emo music and talk about your deep emotions and greatest fears.

    Everyone needs that every once in a while, but then of course you go right back to telling some slam piece how much money you have and all the different places that your family summers.

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