Baltimore Public Transport

I took last week off and made a quick trip across the pond to Denmark. For the duration of my 8 hour flight I had the pleasure of sitting next to a nice Danish engineering professor who was now living in DC. We got the chance to talk  politics and I was afforded the opportunity to gain some insight into Danish culture. Given the chance I plan on writing a few posts outlining a few things that we in Baltimore could stand to learn from the Danes.

To keep this first post short I would like to just mention one experience that this professor and I bonded over. He had some business in Baltimore and naively thought that it would be easy for him to fly into Baltimore late at night and take the train(light rail) into the city. He said that he not only had to wait 45 minutes for the light rail to arrive but that the assorted clientele that frequent the light rail at that hour put the fear of god in him. As a resident of Hunt Valley for many years (the northernmost stop on the lightrail) I could relate to his gripes. Once in Copenhagen, like many other cities, I found that the public transportation was timely, clean and expansive. I left with a great desire for our local public transportation to do this great city justice.

I know there has been mention on this blog of additions to the current rail system but I thought it might be fun to try and come up with some more unique options that would make living and visiting Baltimore a better more efficient experience.

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10 responses to “Baltimore Public Transport

  1. I must have misread the post because it seemed to me like you were saying that there is a city out there better than Baltimore, but as I said I must have misread.

  2. Let’s hope the folks over at the Baltimore Red Line Underground don’t see this. They might think we are actually advocating low emission mass transit for Baltimore. And we all know how terrible that would be for the city…

  3. No not better, different. I would never trade the Sunday thrill of drinking my fill of Bohs and going to watch the Ravens trounce the Steelers for sipping hot totties with euro softies while watching fake “football”. That being said, there are a few things they have perfected that we could learn from. Example – all of their girls ride bikes everywhere. Great for the environment and even better for their figures.

  4. Turns out two brothers have attempted to create a gondola from the convention center to fells point. Makes for an interesting read.

  5. Rickshaws?

  6. Who are the Nancy Pelosi’s that voted for communal bikes? One question: Where do you put your slam piece?

    • Your ISP (indie slam piece) is riding the other fixed gear bike behind you as you run red lights going down Maryland Ave while the psych-pop textures of Panda Bear and The Geologist course through your headphones.

  7. I agree that this is a problem that baltimore faces and it needs to be corrected. I was out in denver recently and they had a free bus service that just traveled up and down a main strip. There was a bus once every five minutes, you knew exactly when it was coming and where it was taking you. It didnt travel a long distance but hit all the key spots. I believe that this was talked about recently in Baltimore, but not sure where it stands now. Why not set that up and have it run from Fells or Canton to Fed Hill stopping along the way at various harbor locations? People wouldnt be worried about riding the MTA because it wouldnt hit any questionable spots where you might find the next Latarian Milton, and it would allow visitors to more easily view our fine city.

  8. Baltimore Transplant

    Yes, God forbid you hit any “questionable spots” where you encounter some undesirables!

    Guys, I’ve been riding the city buses every day since August. They are not the cleanest or always the most efficient, but for the most part they run on time, are very affordable, and give me a chance to sit back and watch the city go by.

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