A Terrible Towel Decision

In case you haven't vomited yet this morning...

Was it not enough that we had to suffer through watching the team that abandoned this city beat us once again?  Apparently not.  The Ravens have come up with an idea so stupid, so out of touch with the fans and the city of Baltimore that I thought it must have come from the other side of the parking lot.  The Ravens have decided to hand out “rally towels” at the game against the Steelers on Sunday night.  This is the worst move the organization has made since John Harbaugh wasted two time outs on one play two days ago.

Everyone associates towel waving with the Steeler Bandwagon.  Viewers around the nation will be watching this game and will see the towels and instantly see this move as a lame imitation of the Steelers and most will probably laugh at us.  Steelers fans are already mocking us, and deservedly so, in posts on the article about the decision to handout rally towels in the Sunpapers.

Waving towels is the lowest possible expression of fanhood and thus prefect for a team whose fan base just began walking upright.  Even soccer fans in third world countries have learned how to make fire in the stands.  Luckily for stadium security Steelers fans are still a few generations away from discovering fire.

Ever since I saw a Steelers fan drape a Terrible Towel of the arm of the Johnny U statue I have not been able to stand the sight of those filthy yellow rags.  I am embarrassed to think that thousands of Ravens fan will be waving towels right along with the Steelers fans.  Hopefully all Bohs and O’s readers will know to not accept a towel at the gate.  Unfortunately there are still a few Ravens fans out there who do not read Bohs and O’s and will not get the message.

Ravens front office I beg you to reconsider this decision.  Donate the towels to charity, burn them, use them to gag Steelers fans…  I don’t care what you do with them just please do not hand them out on Sunday night.  Readers, if the Ravens do not succumb to the heavy influence of Bohs and O’s than it is up to you to refuse the towels and yell at anyone who is waving a towel no matter what color jersey they are wearing.


6 responses to “A Terrible Towel Decision

  1. has anyone posted the video of Harbs wasting the timeouts?

    Suggested title: “two timeouts, one play”

  2. I am not sure which video would make me sicker.

  3. I like the idea. It will help visually drown out the Steelers fans. I think we could have used another medium though, foam fingers, those plastic noise-maker tubes…

  4. “What an unfortunate thing to happen on free-range raven night.”

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