Mt. Vernon gets a quality sports bar

With all apologies to the lolzers and hipsters of Mt. Vernon, I am relieved to see the neighborhood get  a classic American sports bar where a bro can simply relax and take his mind off the problems of the world for a while. The bar, Turp’s, has all the essentials for enjoying a game and is right up the street from Penn Station.

John "Turp" Turpin

Cheap beer is of course number one and Turp’s delivers: A bucket of (6) Boh’s will run you $6.50 and, if you’re willing to compromise Baltimore street cred for an even better deal, a bucket of 16 oz. PBR’s is $5.50. The food is standard pub fare, which is great. Mt. Vernon has an eclectic selection of restaurants that are all top-notch in their respective cuisines, and that’s all well and good when you’re in the mood for sushi/thai/indian/fusion. But some days I just want a big pile of wings and a moderately spiced bowl of chili, damn it. Chicken fingers were also highly recommended.

So far we have good food and cheap beer, but what about the atmosphere? Again, Turp’s is excellent in this category, with TV’s all over and a solid set up of the booths and a bar area. One complaint was that it was a little loud, but I don’t think any noise dampeners could have helped much with the party sitting behind me, so I don’t blame Turp’s. Also, the bar features some very attractive waitresses, which always creates a better ambiance and  soothes the pain of a tough loss, or a crappy win, as bohsnos touched on with the Ravens MNF game. When the Ravens/Orioles are locked in a snooze-fest, you can turn your attention to ogling and flirting with the waitresses. Take it from me that they are all quite gracious and well-mannered when rejecting advances by male clients.

And don’t forget about happy hour: $.30 wing night on Mondays, half priced pizza on Tuesdays, and half priced burgers on Wednesdays.

I invite any thirsty commuters and Mt. Vernon residents to join me at Turp’s for a game and a boh (or 6).


9 responses to “Mt. Vernon gets a quality sports bar

  1. Got to love those prices for Boh. Do they know to leave the tops on? I say we go for the next Monday night game.

  2. Agreed on the MNF game, cheap bohs in addition to the wing deal makes it irresistible. They do indeed deliver the caps if asked.

  3. them chicken nuggets’ll cure what ails ya

  4. Baltimore Transplant

    Anyone know why it’s called Turp’s?

    • I asked the same question when I went there and was told that Turp is the owner’s nickname. No relation to the terrapins as far as I know.

  5. The owner’s last name is Turpin.

  6. John. His first name is John. Which it says on their menus and their websites. Step-off, I introduced you to this sweet spot.

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