Baltimore Sandwiches: Stu Special

Oh vey that's some nice looking meat!

Today I am beginning a new series of articles focused on the best sandwiches in the Baltimore area.  I thought it was only appropriate to start this quest by reviewing my favorite sandwich in the area, if not the world.  The Stu Special, served at Attman’s Deli on the famed Corned Beef Row, is more than just a sandwich, it’s the product of a culinary mastermind.  This two-tiered beauty includes “Hot Corned Beef, Hot Pastrami, Imported Swiss, Cole Slaw and Russian Dressing.”  The sandwich engineers at Attman’s use three slices of rye bread for this sandwich with a slice in the middle to separate the two meats and to soak up some juices from the slaw and Russian dressing. The corned beef and pastrami come out warm and blend perfectly with the not-too-wet cole slaw and flavorful, but not overpowering, Russian dressing.  The size of the sandwich makes it a difficult task to take a bite of the whole thing at once, but if you do the flavors all merge in ecstasy as if your taste buds will be dancing to “Party in the USA” in your mouth.

A tip for those who will immediately be driving downtown to buy this sandwich:  ask for toasted bread.  The Stu Special is normally served on fresh rye, untoasted but one afternoon when I ordered my Stu Special the gentlemen in charge of crafting it suggested I try toasted bread as it holds up better to the condiments used in the sandwich.  He was a fellow sandwich connoisseur so I trusted his advice and was delighted with the results.  With only a light toasting of the bread the sandwich was even better than before (something I had thought to be impossible).

Might I suggest some other accoutrements to enjoy with your Stu Special: at Attman’s you can have some of the finest pickles you will ever put in your mouth; I usually go with a sliced dill.  Top it all off with a Nantucket Nectar apple juice and you’ve got one of the finest lunches a man or woman can enjoy.

I know many of you at work will be tempted to drive to Attman’s right now and buy a sandwich to bring back to your office, but I wouldn’t overlook the opportunity to enjoy your lunch in Attman’s Kibbitz Room, a separate dining area next to the preparation area.  Fun conversations will flow and all in attendance will be mesmerized by the glorious posters adorning the walls with images of meats, cheeses, and party trays that Attman’s offers through its catering service.

For those looking to be enlightened on the vast sandwich culture in and around the land of pleasant living this is where you want to start.  Attman’s Deli is iconic in Baltimore and the Stu Special is its most prized offering.


5 responses to “Baltimore Sandwiches: Stu Special

  1. Sounds good, but I am a little confused. Why not just go down to Beach Bum’s, Subway, or Quizno’s? All are closer, cheaper, and serve sandwiches of equal or better quality than Attman’s. I would take Beach Bum’s Texas Eastern Shore over the Stu Special any day of the week.

    • I am unsure how to respond to that comment. On the one hand it is one the stupidest things I have ever seen written anywhere and I want to smash my computer screen just reading it. On the other hand I don’t want to come down too hard on you because I think it’s rude to criticize people who are mentally disabled. Let’s just agree that once you are accepted into Sheppard Pratt you won’t be eating sandwiches anywhere.

      • Hipster1nBmore

        Thank you rabbieli, I haven’t been there in a while. bohsnos- I will have you know that the Patriot Act is still on the books, and you have been reported for such inflammatory, nay, dangerous rhetoric!

        I always go with a Dr. Brown’s Blackcherry soda at Attman’s. Also, check out the pre-feminist sign that shows where all of the different cuts of meat come from (hint: it’s the naked cowgirl whose body is sectioned off into brisket, pastrami, etc…)

        Attman’s is seriously a must eat Baltimore establishment. New York delis get a lot of credit but Attman’s is as good, if not better than any of them, and without all the baggage.

  2. Good point about NY, hipster. try getting served in under 30 minutes in Carnegie Deli or, for that matter, getting an actual sandwich and not just a pile of corned beef on top of a single piece of bread.

    Maybe Joe from Arbutus could write a review of Quizno’s sandwiches and how they are better than Attman’s, since only people from deeply hickish counties, like Arbutus or Towson, could ever feel that way. Here’s a little sample: Quizno’s is better than Attman’s because they put guacamole on the sandwiches and the salads come wit dem little flat bready things.

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