Iggie’s Clutch Pizza

One problem facing a Bawdimore Bro is the dearth of good date spots in this town.  That is not to say that Baltimore lacks restaurants, but that I never know where to take whatever skag-piece I am trying to canoodle.  Last night I met up with some old friends at Iggie’s.  This is a place for bros and non bros (sissies) alike.  You sometimes have to be patient to get a table, but I would recommend Iggie’s to the Baltimoreans for several reasons.
The pizzas are thin and crunchy and all around delicious.   I recommend the ‘cipola’, a melange of onion confit, pancetta, mozarella and ricotta…it’s sweet and salty and fabulous.  The verdura fresca is a nice all veggie pizza with a robust balsamic drizzled on top.  The anchovie, caper, olive is salty paradise. I have never had a bad pizza there.  In case you weren’t raring to go to Mount Vernon (where? Federal what?) note that this restaurant is BYOB!!!!  Gentlebros, before you load up the trunk of your Explorer with cases of Boh and Natty Light, please shell out the extra dollars for Carlo Rossi, it will pair better with your pizza and will show your date that you can act mature when necessary.
Which brings me to my next point, ambiance and cultural indicators. Iggie’s is the place where you take that sort-of alternative girl in your office on a date when you’re not sure she’s ready to hit up Magerks for $.50 wing night (don’t worry, she’ll learn).  Taking a girl out to Iggie’s kind of says, “I’m a fun guy who likes to get off the beaten path, but you aren’t going to be threatened by too many minorities or homosexuals, although there may be a sprinkling to show that I am a liberal guy who likes pizzas with boutique ingredients.” As Bohsandos’ hipster community correspondent, I think Iggie’s is a great place to get your feet wet on this scene, it’s DIY, you seat yourself, bus your own table but it’s not all vegan and shit.  The clutchest thing about this pie pounding parlor, is that you don’t have to tip!  I know, you don’t have to worry whether you’re tipping too little?  too much?  are you overcompensating because of your ethno-religious background and dropping a ten spot?  luckily tips are optional and go to the charity of the week, usually supporting dogs.
If you want to take some tasty pies to the face, put on a good byobuzz and keep costs to a minimum in these difficult economic times while safely exploring AlternaBro culture, Iggie’s is the clutchest.

3 responses to “Iggie’s Clutch Pizza

  1. Thanks Hipster! Great timing! I am taking out some little liberal slew I picked up at MICA and I clearly can’t take her to Ropewalk and sit under those beautiful bronze busts of Reagan. I will take her to Iggy’s instead and than maybe later I can take her back to the frat castle where we can put aside our politics for a while.

  2. Classic post–well done

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