Taking Action in the Name of Boh


Bring back Boh! Bring back Boh!

Below is a letter I wrote to what used to be one of my favorite places to enjoy a Boh in Towson.  They stopped serving Bohs so I am writing a letter imploring them to return Boh to the menu.  Boh drinkers, this is the type of action that must be taken to assure that enlightened Baltimoreans such as ourselves do not have to suffer through one more O’s game or one more night at the bars without a cold Boh in our hands.

Dear Glory Days,

I was very disappointed to discover that you have stopped serving Natty Boh at your Towson location.  I came in last week and I ordered a Natty Boh and wings, but was told by the waitress that Natty Boh was no longer available.  I reluctantly agreed to stay because I do enjoy your wings, especially with honey mustard and Glory Sauce.  But when not enjoyed with a Natty Boh I learned that your wings are not as good as I had thought.  They did not go down quite as pleasantly with a Yeungling.  I strongly urge you to bring back Natty Boh.  It is an affordable beer enjoyed by all Baltimoreans.  There is no better beverage to be enjoyed in a Baltimore sports bar, which I thought Glory Days claimed to be.  Natty Boh makes Baltimore sports fans feel much better connected with their city while watching the O’s, Ravens, and Terps.  Did you know the bottle caps have riddles on them?  What a great activity to exercise your brain during halftime or while waiting your turn at paper football!  For all of these reasons please bring back Natty Boh.  If you do bring back Natty Boh, please let me know, and I promise to bring in a bunch of friends with thirsts that only Natty Boh can quench.

-Concerned Boh Enthusiast

P.S.  I do appreciate the addition of Racetrax.

Once Glory Days does return Boh to the menu (and maybe even before) I recommend a trip there.  They provide the Baltimore sports fan with most of the things he or she needs.  There is a paper football placed at each table.  There are about 30 TVs.  Two of which are giant projection screens with picture perfect quality.  Each table has its own personal speaker with the ability to switch the sound between the many different sporting events displayed on the TVs.  Glory Days also has very good food, arguably the best wings in Baltimore, even if they do not taste as good without a Boh to wash them down.  Make sure you try the Glory Sauce.  All of the sauces are superb though.  Try ordering the naked wings with all of the sauces served on the side for dipping.  With the introduction of Racetrax this is an all around great set up to enjoy a game.  Now if only they will bring Boh back to the menu!


One response to “Taking Action in the Name of Boh

  1. i mean, strike 1: it’s in towson, strike 2: they quit boh, strike 3: THEY SERVER SOMETHING CALLED GLORY SAUCE…methinks they serve that in prison too…just sayin…

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