Rub in Federal Hill

rubDespite our lack of reader participation in our “Where Should We Eat Tonight” poll, your Bohs and O’s crew decided not to go on a hunger strike.  It would just have been too great of a loss for this city to bear especially after the loss we all suffered through on Sunday.  We apologize to the reader who voted for Mama’s on the Half Shell for our vulgar comments directed at you after your vote.  At that point we were so hungry that we had no interest in driving all the way over to Canton and probably wait in line for a table.  After recording our first ever Bohcast, which will be posted tomorrow, Abbey Burger Bistro had technically won the vote with a whopping 2 votes.  We apologize to the voters but we decided against Abbey Burger Bistro.  Some of our friends who were not quite as tied to the result of the poll had eaten there recently and did not want to go again so soon.  We compromised with Rub.

Rub is an authentic Texas BBQ restaurant on the 1900 block of Light Street.  It is a little out of the way from Cross Street Market and the Federal Hill bars but it is well worth the 10 minute walk.  During the summer it is a great place to sit outside and enjoy a Baltimore summer night.  However, being November we were forced to sit inside.  The interior is design seemed authentic enough, but most of my knowledge of Texas comes from the TV show Friday Night Lights in which the characters mostly just dine at Applebee’s and Tastee-Freeze, so I am not really sure.  (Friday Night Lights is a Bohs and O’s favorite and while it does not have anything to do with Baltimore it is currently the best show on television.  Obviously The Wire was better, but unfortunately is no longer airing.)  We thought we would try Rub’s in-house microbrew.  Don’t worry, they did serve $2 Natty Bohs, but as we had just slam pieced more than our fair share of Natty Bohs during the Bohcast we thought it would be OK if we tried something a little different.  The beer was solid and went well with the BBQ flavors.

The food was some of the best BBQ I have had.  Everyone loved the ribs and chicken.  Those who had the brisket complained that it was a little tender.  The BBQ sauces provided on the table were superb and I soaked my own half-rack with about half a bottle.  The entrees were accompanied by a selection of sides that complemented the BBQ well.  String beans and mac and cheese had mixed reviews, but the black beans were adored by all.  All meals also came with two slices of Texas Toast which were great when dipped into the BBQ sauce.

Once again I apologize for going against the wishes of the readers, but it was the right decision for Bohs and O’s.  None of us are concerned that you will stop reading our blog in protest because where else would you get such detailed insight on all things Baltimore?   We were able to go to an out of the way place that provided some of the best eating in Federal Hill.  All of the Bohs and O’s crew recommend taking the short walk up Light Street to try Rub out for yourselves.  This will be the first of several reports on new restaurants that we have tried over the past week.  As always feel free to give us your thoughts on these restaurants as well as recommend any places you think Bohs and O’s should try.


4 responses to “Rub in Federal Hill

  1. Next time you’re at Rub, try the sweet potato fries as a side. Best I’ve ever had.

    Also, while FNL is a good show, it’s not the best of TV. Both “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” are so far ahead of everything else on TV right now. Their the best shows since “The Wire” and “Deadwood” finished up.

  2. it’s a good thing you didn’t go with sullivans, a friend of mine saw a mouse run in there the other day

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  4. It just occured to me that Rub would be a perfect place for post-thanksgiving withdrawal. I will definitely be hitting it up next weekend.

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