King’s Grilled Kabob

Last night I dined with a group at King’s Grilled Kabob in Hamden and we all came away with the same feeling on the restaurant – fantastic.  Opened earlier this fall by the owners of King’s Pizza & Subs on 36th Street, we were all surprised and delighted with its Middle Eastern offerings.  We arrived at just the right time as several groups entered after us and, with just one dedicated staff member in the dining area, service was not particularly speedy.  This was not all the fault of the staff though as we could tell our order of grape leaves were made fresh on the spot and not pulled from a refrigerator where they had been sitting all day.  We also started with avocado hummus, an appetizer I was excited to try and was not disappointed.  With the texture of a traditional Middle Eastern hummus the avocado definitely added some extra flavor that blended perfectly with the chic peas and didn’t overwhelm their taste.  Ordering the hummus also exposed us to one of the highlights of the meal, the pita.  Each pita was a full circle, almost a foot in diameter, and was served right out of the oven and drizzled with oil.  Thicker than most pita I see in restaurants, it was a delight to have on the table for sampling the hummus as well as all of the dishes that followed.

As a group we sampled both the chicken and lamb shawarma, the falafel platter, and the mixed grilled kabob.  It was difficult to determine who placed the best order as each entree received one of our votes for the “dish of the night.”  My favorite selection was the lamb shawarma; the meat was perfectly tender and the sauce used on it was extremely flavorful and spicy.  The waiter asked each member of the group if he/she would like his/her dish prepared spicy or not, something I love that restaurants do because if they have to get your approval you know they’re going to add some serious spice to the dish.  The thick pita soaked up the sauce perfectly and adding some of their homemade tahini sauce only made it better.  The grilled kabob was also excellent, with a good selection of vegetables are large pieces of both chicken and lamb.  I’m not usually a fan of kabob meat as it often comes out too dry for my liking, but this was not the case here as the meat was the flavors juiced from each piece.  The falafel was perfectly crispy on the outside and went really well with both the tahini and tzatziki sauces.

All dishes were very reasonably priced with the shawarma platters only $7 each and provided enough food for some leftovers.  I’ll definitely be stopping back to King’s the next time I’m looking for dinner around Hamden and I suggest everyone else does the same.

King’s Grilled Kabob

907 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211


One response to “King’s Grilled Kabob

  1. It looks like switching to their local cuisine worked out better than it did for Babu. Where are the peeple?

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