Raven Fan Far From Roost

We all have our favorite spot to roost to watch the Ravens games when the team is on the road or we do not have tickets.  For some of us it is a bar stool in a neighborhood bar while for others it is our couch.  Either way we feel much more confident and connected with the team when we are in this roost.  ravens-stoolTwice in the past month I have found myself outside of Baltimore and a long way from my roost for Purple Sunday. This is never an optimal situation, but yet I had to make each Sunday as purple as possible.  Here is my brief guide to finding a good roosting spot and enjoying a Ravens game outside of the land of pleasant living.

  • Most important is to make sure you bring your jersey wherever you go. It is important for your own psyche while watching the game and to rep your city. I also recommend wearing an O’s cap. This will show all those non-Baltimoreans that you are not just a bandwagon Ravens fan and truly do love all things Baltimore.
  • Second, find a roost with a lot of other Ravens fans. Depending on where you are, this is not always easy. One of my weekends outside of Charm City was spent in New York and I was able to find a Ravens bar. In most smaller cities this would not have been possible. For those of you who find yourselves out of the nest in NYC on a Purple Sunday, I strongly recommend you find you way to Johnny Utah’s. Yes, it would be a lot better if it was spelled Eutaw, but it is still an oasis for Ravens fans in a desert of bandwagon fans and overpriced beers. There were no Natty Bohs on the menu, but there were $2 Bud Light cans and free food. That deal is hard to beat even in Baltimore.
  • This leads me to my third point: if possible bring Natty Boh! I know it sounds inconvenient, but this should not matter to a true Baltimorean. Nothing makes me feel more connected to my city than taking that first sip of Boh and thinking to myself, “Oh boy! What a beer!” I brought Bohs along on a trip to Boston to see the Orioles at Fenway and it almost made me forget that I was surrounded by people who actually think Dustin Pedroia is decent person. If you are unable to bring Boh, a couple sprinkles of Old Bay on your tongue is a passable substitute.
  • The early Raven gets the worm!  If you cannot find a Ravens bar get to a bar with Sunday Ticket early (finding out which bars have Sunday Ticket may require a little web-based research), find out which TV will be playing the Ravens game and pick a good roosting spot. You do not want to get stuck amongst a crowd of Steelers fans yapping about how great Hines Ward is at downfield blocking while having to squint at the 19’ tube TV across the bar. Talk to your bartender 15 minutes before kickoff to make sure she changes the channel from the preview show to the actual game. There is nothing more frustrating that looking down at your watch and realizing it is 1:05 and you are watching bowling.

Once again, if possible, avoid leaving your roost on Purple Sundays. But if you must, I hope you are now a little better educated on how to enjoy the game almost as much as you would in Cross Street Market or watching it on your exposed brick mounted plasma. Please leave comments if you have any other pointers that I have forgotten to mention.


2 responses to “Raven Fan Far From Roost

  1. Regarding your last point – If there are Steelers fans at the bar you walk into it’s probably not a bar that deserves your well earned money.

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