Evil Empire Strikes Again

Boo Tex

The Antichrist

I’m sure all of you baseball lovers out there felt just the way I did last night watching those a**holes in pinstripes parade around the field after winning the World Series – disgusted.  I could barely drink a Natty Boh for I nearly regurgitated watching Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez embrace in the infield.

Of course many of the negative feelings I had last night stem from a strong sense of jealousy as I watched Derek Jeter win his 5th World Series since 1996.  I despise the Yankees, always have and always will, but I have to give them credit for one thing: they care about winning above all else. Drew Forrester, host of WNST’s Comcast Morning Show, wrote a blog along these lines last night after the game became final.  I’m am an eternal O’s optimist, but I have to agree with the theme of his piece; in recent times the O’s have shown a lack of commitment to winning baseball.

I love what the Orioles have done in recent years and I am very hopeful for the future of the organization as many of the players we’ve been following through the minors in years past appear ready to become actual pieces to the puzzle at the major league level.  In modern baseball, however, a championship cannot be won solely with talent groomed through the farm system.  Going into this off-season rumors have been flying about trades for Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, and an assortment of starting pitchers and although the free agent class is not particularly strong, Chone Figgins is on the market at a position of major need for us.  I think many close followers of the O’s view the 2010 season as still part of the rebuilding process before we compete in 2011, but regardless, when will the O’s front office makes the move(s) that bring back the trust of the fans that winning is the top priority?


One response to “Evil Empire Strikes Again

  1. The only reason the Yankees winning makes me mad is because Mark Teixiera gets to celebrate. I was clinging on to a hope that the Orioles might win the WS before the Yankees and he would feel like the jacka** traitor that he is. O’s fans let’s make sure we continue to Boo him every time he comes to the plate at the Yard.

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