The Boss Plays DC

Last night Hamsterdam and I, along with several other Boh drinking music fans, ventured to our nation’s capital for an epic night of rock from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Bruce might be older than my dad but, but he rocks just as hard as he did when he hit the music scene in the early 70’s.  He played for nearly 3 hours and never seemed to lose energy, an effort that was clearly all for the audience.  He did a complete lap of the floor seats greeting all of the fans and multiple times acknowledged the fans who were standing behind the stage.

Throughout most of the show I kept thinking to myself that it just looked like a bunch of good friends playing their favorite songs onstage, with tons of interaction between all members of the band, a factor that makes the E Street Band so special.  It’s clear how much this group means to each of its members when someone like Max Weinberg has written into his Conan O’Brien contract that he must be available whenever Bruce goes on tour.

With a minimalist set and understated lights, all in attendance were able to solely focus on the music and we were treated to a great set filled with songs from decades of albums, including the entire Born To Run album.  All members of the band, including the backup singers, were featured throughout the show, but the most powerful solos definitely came from Nils Lofgren who moved all over the stage with his guitar and played with unmatched liveliness.

At one point in the show he went from side to side on the stage grabbing posters from fans in the front rows as requests for the next songs.  It was a savvy crowd as the posters provided some of the hits of the night including “Stand On It,” “Growing Up,” and “Pink Cadillac.”

After several hours of the Boss at the top of his game I can only hope I’m afforded the opportunity to see him live on future tours.


Complete set list below:
Outlaw Pete
Prove It All Night
Hungry Heart
Working On A Dream
Thunder Road
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Born To Run
She’s The One
Meeting Across The River
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Stand On It
Seven Nights to Rock
Growing Up
Pink Cadillac
Lonesome Day
The Rising

Hard Times
No Surrender
American Land
Dancing In The Dark
Higher and Higher



One response to “The Boss Plays DC

  1. with all due respect to the bearded playa from Miami, there is only one true boss in the world of music.

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