A Turtle Worth Fearing

terpsbballThe Terps tip-off the 2009-2010 season tonight with an exhibition match against Indiana University (PA).  No, this is not the same Indiana that the Terps beat in the National Championship in 2002.  This Indiana is unfortunately located in Western Pennsylvania.  Judging from the caliber of teams that come from that area tonight’s game should be a blow out.  None the less it is great to get the Terps’ basketball season underway (especially with the debacle that is occurring over at Byrd stadium).

It has been a while since I have been this excited about a Terp team.  I think we can do some serious damage in the ACC this year.  We are ranked 26th in the preseason polls, only one vote from being in the top 25.  Grevis coming back is huge for the Terps.  I think with the addition of an inside presence he will be even better.  Now there are still idiots out there, such as Mark Zino on 105.7 The Bandwagon Fan, who dislike Grevis.  In fact Mark “I wish I was from Boston” Zino said that Grevis could not start on any other ACC team.  Clearly Mark Zino would not know a Natty Boh from a Miller Lite if it hit him in the face from across the Preakness infield.  But then again he probably supported the BYOB ban at Preakness anyways.  Grevis has been a great player for Maryland and singled handedly carried the Terps to the tournament last year.  Hopefully the addition of our young post players will prevent another Memphis dunk contest from bouncing the Terps in the 2nd round.  I still shutter when I see Dave Neal waving hopelessly in the air as Memphis slammed dunk after dunk over him.

I am prepared for the sprint back to my car from the Comcast Center dodging crazed students with torches and falling telephone wires.  And that will only be when we beat N.C. State.  I think the movie 2012 is based on the events that occur after the Terps beat Duke.  Maryland students sure know how to “celebrate” a win.  They learned a trick or two from the Baseketball’s Dallas Felons.  (Talk to Hamsterdam for further insight on Maryland students and campus life.  He has some good things to say on the subject.)  Terps, it is time that someone besides the Ravens gives us a reason to cheer in this town.  This year I plan on not making two brackets come March.  My “Maryland winning it all” bracket may be no different than my office pool bracket.


4 responses to “A Turtle Worth Fearing

  1. fear the turle? Nay. fear Sylven Landesberg and the mighty Cavaliers.

  2. Last time I checked the Cavaleirs played in neither Baltimore or Maryland are thus irrelevant to this blog.

    • UVa recruits heavily from the state of Maryland and has many students from Baltimore. It is a school that prefers the finer things in life–cocktail parties, girls in sundresses, etc.–to boorish activities like rioting and the “asshole” chants that are so pervasive at the University of Maryland.

      • The Maryland crowd is regrettably lacking in sundresses. College sporting events are not quite the same without them.

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