Moving the ball forward

First of all, are my fellow Boh crushing purple lunatics sleeping off last night’s victory celebration or is there a very early happy hour on the Purple Patio today?    I’m referring to the dearth of blog posts today following yesterday’s key win.  This “power vaccuum”, if you will, is like when the starting quarterback gets taken out early in that football movie and the skinny second stringer has to come in at the 4th quarter.  Well, here we are team, we need that first down and I just convinced Coach to put me in:

I’m not an expert on Ravens football, so my comments are less about the team than about what people say about the team.  Whenever the Ravens do well (or don’t do well), all we hear is “The old Ravens are back!” or on the flip side, “Where is that great Ravens defense of years past?”  Why do we always have to look to the past when we are talking about RayRay and the gang?  Let’s look at this team of a few vets, some new blood, and the stoic Joe Flacco and get happy about some wins, some losses, and an exciting gang of tough Baltimore bros.  To me, Flacco epitomizes Ernest Hemingway’s definition of courage as “grace under pressure”.  This guy has what it takes.  I’m excited about the road ahead.

Thanks for giving me a shot Coach, I’ve been training really hard all season, watching how the pros throw, studying up on tape after practice, and eating my Wheaties…but hold the orange juice, I’ll take a warm Boh.


3 responses to “Moving the ball forward

  1. this is true of the defense, but I think no one is trying to live in the past when it comes to our offense. Gowe Flaccowe!

  2. Hipster, next thing we know you will projecting Brian Matusz’s 2010 WHIP.

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