Orioles Decline Mora’s Option

Although expected since the season ended, it is still tough to stomach the news that the Orioles have declined their 2010 option for veteran third baseman Melvin Mora.  Brian Roberts now assumes the role of most tenured Oriole.  A prior post on this blog had already predicted Mora’s fate, but after GM Andy McPahil’s announcement it has become reality that #6 won’t be at the hot corner next Opening Day.  One of our steadiest and most under appreciated players, Boh’s and O’s wishes Melvin the best in his post-playing days and hopes he remains in the area with his wife and small army of mini-Moras.

Melvin – If you ever need some people to have a Boh with and reminisce about summer nights at the Yard don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


One response to “Orioles Decline Mora’s Option

  1. pakistani reader

    Did you know, Mr. Boh and Mr. O, that in 1998 the Orioles drafted Cliff Lee in the June amateur draft? Unfortunately, he declined to sign, waiting until the following year to become a pro with the late, not-so-great Expos.

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