Not So Common Sense

ehrlichOMThe Gubernatorial Race in Maryland is beginning to heat up with the election now one year away.  Governor O’Malley looks to be the favorite especially if former governor Robert Ehrlich decides not to run.  Ehrlich declined to announce a decision on his candidacy at yet another public event yesterday in Howard County.  I am a Martin O’Malley supporter, but have never had a huge problem with Ehrlich.  I disagree with him on a lot of issues, but he has always seemed like a Boh drinking, crab picking guy who loves Maryland.  However, his appearance at the Howard County event yesterday was disturbing and made me fearful of a second Ehrlich term.

For starters the event was called the “Common Sense Town Rally.”  Neo-cons love the term, “commons sense”.  If they just say “common-sense” then they do not actually have to explain any of their positions.  Why would they if it is just “common sense?”  This phrase is commonly spoken on Fox News by people like Glenn Beck.  In fact, Beck even wrote a book called Common Sense in which he, using about all of the common sense he possesses, compares the highest members of our government to disgraced Survivor winner, Richard Hatch.  Bravo Glenn, Thomas Paine would be proud!

Even scarier is if Ehrlich endorses the comments made by his introductory speaker, the head of the Howard County Republican Women’s Club, Karen Winterling.  She offered this gem to the crowd:

Many of our rights are now being challenged by an administration unchecked.  Our Constitution is in jeopardy. If you own a gun, go to church and oppose federal taxes, the Department of Homeland Security considers you the enemy. … Please get involved. This is the most radical transformation our country has ever been challenged with.”

I guess this is just more “common sense” because I am not aware of, nor did she list, any policies of the Obama administration that declare you an enemy for owning a gun, going to church, or opposing federal taxes.  This is just more fear mongering by the far right.

As a Maryland Democrat, I hope Ehrlich does get caught up in the politics of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck because it will lose him the election.  Those politics have no place in the land of pleasant living!  If he wants a shot in this election he should be focusing on issues such as improving schools, getting better health care for Marylanders, and protecting the bay.  Bohs and O’s will be keeping a close eye on this race as well as other key races around the state in 2010.  It looks as though a rematch between Andrew Harris and incumbent Frank Kratovil will be hotly contested with the GOP pooring a lot of money into try to take back Maryland’s 1st District.  Stay tuned!


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