Star Spangled Streets

Baltimore is known as the home of the star spangled banner, but there’s another star spangled area of the city that is less heralded in song, and often escapes our notice. I’m referring to the little shards of glass embedded in the asphalt on certain Baltimore streets, which, when night falls and the street lights (or moonlight) shines upon them, give the city a glittering quality.  The shimmering streets always give me a sense of wistfulness, especially when seen on a night of revelry with friends.  It is as if the stars above spangled street below were joined together in celebration, lifting a glass in celebration.
Research would have to be done to see how extensive the streets of glass in Baltimore are, however two good spots that come to mind are on Charles Street just south of North Avenue, and further north on Charles between 33rd and University Parkway.  City Paper did a nice piece on this a few years ago.  Maybe Mr. Cohen and I can start a glassphalt appreciation society.

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