Quality Baltimore Rap…Finally!

With no disrespect to Bossman’s iconic, if a bit amateurish,  Baltimore anthem “Oh!” the city has finally gotten a rap song deserving of national attention. The song, B4lt1m0re, by TRP featuring Bossman, is an instant classic and may be the most exciting thing to happen to Baltimore since that fresh supply of spider bag testers hit the low rises last June.

B4lt1m0re by TRP should be played at any and all Baltimore parties, sporting events, before and after watching The Wire, and, especially, any time one is in, on, or in close proximity to the following places:

The Chesapeake bay

Fells Point

Federal Hill

Beltway Liquors, Corky’s, Schnapp Shop, etc.

The (real) Washington Monument

Friends/Gilman/BL/Bryn Mawr/RPCS/St. Paul’s campus

Any Baltimore ghetto/project (espeically West baltimore, since it is harder than East side yo)

The song is effective on so many levels, from the chill beat to the catchy chorus (not sure what they mean by “i’ll se you in heaven,” but whatever because it sounds sweet). More important are the great lines and shout outs to all things Baltimore: Carmello, Cal Ripken, Towson, North Ave, K Swift, Union Memorial (my birthplace), and many others. They even mention University of Maryland (the U), even though that school is mainly populated by New Jersey kids and the only plays the lacrosse team knows are “crank at corners” on offense and “hit guys” on defense. TRP could have made the video even better if they had included a scene of Cal and ‘Melo sparking up a honey dutch blunt together, but I guess that will have to wait until their next video.

Also, props will be given to anyone who can figure out where to get the t-shirts with the Baltimore skyline set against a razor blade.


5 responses to “Quality Baltimore Rap…Finally!

  1. Don’t forget Towson! The county boys get a shout out as well. Maybe you could drive by the Recher and blast this song in order to drown out Sasquatch Genocide’s off-pitch screams.

  2. that is sick, thanks. I’m definitely buying those stamps for when I mail my electricity bill to BGE.

  3. That was really cool until Baltimore Sun started rapping…
    Did someone stab him with a samurai sword?

  4. I believe it is “baltimore’s son,” but yeah I made the same mistake

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