Kabab Stop

Last week I tried a new (for me, not the restaurant) kabob/Indian restaurant on Falls Road – Kabab Stop.  I’ve driven by this place many times, but never realized it was there.  Heading north on Falls Road past Northern Parkway, the restuarant is located next to the Pizza Bolis just before you get to the Kelly Ave bridge.  Unfortunately I don’t work in the Mt Washington area because they had a large banner out front advertising a lunch buffet from 11-3 Monday through Friday.  Indian buffets are some of my favorite lunches and although it would be tough to beat the Ambassador’s offerings I’d love to have an equally reliable and less expensive option.

There were approximately 6 tables in the entire dining room and we were the only people who sat down to eat the entire time we were there, but it’s clear they do a healthy takeout business as people were in and out many times during our meal and delivery men were picking up fresh orders.  My mom was also very impressed with the ambiance; they were playing Devil Wears Prada on a TV in one corner.

We went with several basic Indian dishes: vegetable samosas, chicken tikka masala, and veg jhal frazie (a basic vegetable stir fry in spicy curry sauce).  All of the food came out piping hot, including the naan, and was very enjoyable.  There was plenty of cauliflower in the veggie dish, which is important as it usually goes very quickly in my family.  The flavors were not the most stimulating of the Indian restaurants I’ve been to in the area, but for the price I think the Kabob Stop is a nice option for anyone in the North Baltimore area.

Kabab Stop

5719 Falls Rd
Baltimore, MD 21209-3707
(410) 323-6060


3 responses to “Kabab Stop

  1. does this mean there are actually restaurants in Baltimore you still haven’t tried?

  2. Do they serve Natty Boh?!?! Nothing goes down better with a vegtable samosa than a cold Natty Boh.

  3. I went there a while back thinking it would actually be a place you could stop in and get a kabob pita or something, like Kabob Hut in Towson. Once I was in it was kind of awkward to leave, so I just ate dinner by myself, literally, as I was the only customer there. The proprietor was nice though, brought some interesting things out to try. I probably wouldn’t go back though, with Tamber’s and Ambassador so close by.

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