Free City Shuttle Delayed…Again

Baltimore City residents have now been waiting over one year for Charm City Circulator, a free downtown shuttle, to begin service, but the project has been delayed for a second time.  The bus service, connecting several highly trafficked areas of the city, was announced in 2008 as an attempt to improve downtown traffic by providing free shuttles to residents throughout the heart of the city.  A website was even created for the shuttle, but none of the supposedly eco-friendly buses have been seen as of yet.

Many people I’ve talked to are very excited at the prospect of a free shuttle service connecting several of the city’s downtown neighborhoods, but now the city’s execution of this plan can surely be called into question.  Considering what the city has invested to publicize this new service, the results we all expected have not arrived.  Sure, some of the blame has to go to the bus manufacturer, who has supposedly fallen well behind its deadlines, but it’s clear now that the fanfare regarding the Circulator was premature.  Initial excitement for this service was high, but with each delay it dwindles and, once the Circulator is active, we can only hope that the hype is warranted.


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