What’s better than a carousel?

The title of this post is borrowed from an article in today’s Sun regarding the status of the carousel adjacent to the Science Center in the Inner Harbor.  Sure, kids love carousels, but couldn’t it be replaced by a number of things that kids, and adults, love much more?

One idea brought up by the author of the article is a mini golf course.  As soon as I read this I was ecstatic about the idea of mini golf at the Inner Harbor.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love mini golf?  Seriously, anyone?  Mini golf can be a setting for families, friends, dates, parties, or any other occasion for fun-seeking individuals.  Similar to bowling, mini golf is game that while people are playing, most are probably thinking ‘I’m having an incredible time right now.  Why don’t I do this more often?’

One reason Baltimoreans are definitely part of that group is that we don’t have an opportunity to play mini golf very often as there aren’t any courses in the city.  Before writing this post I sat for 10 minutes in deep thought and actually couldn’t come up with a single mini golf course within Baltimore City.  This is an atrocious fact and one I am ashamed to admit as a contributor to this pro-Baltimore blog.

It’s no wonder there are so many mini golf courses along the Delmarva shore.  In addition to being an amazing outdoor game to play while you’re at the beach it’s something else that those of us here in the city don’t regularly experience during the year and are eager to enjoy while we’re on vacation.  In the Baltimore metro area I can only think of a few mini golf courses and of those only one that I’ve played has been a truly imaginative course (Hereford Golf Center).

A mini golf course at the Inner Harbor would draw many tourists and native Baltimoreans more than some of the other recommended attractions.  A theater or exhibit would good for the tourists, but would probably draw city residents no more than once.  A good mini golf course is appealing no matter how many times you’ve been before.

It almost makes too much sense; literally every American enjoys playing mini golf.  If a few don’t then they should be shipped to a special wing in Gitmo where they can wear black, listen to My Chemical Romance, and complain because the sun makes it too hot outside.  I can’t believe I’m willing to admit that Baltimore is lacking something so basic, but please, esteemed members of the City Council, bring mini golf to Baltimore.


4 responses to “What’s better than a carousel?

  1. Agreed. A mini golf course would be perfect for the inner harbor. It would be quirky and kitschy and a classic baltimore response to the grandiose and self-important displays featured in other American cities.

  2. yall, there was a great mini golf course at the Inner Harbor in the late 90’s. It was called ArtLinks, and featured clever, Baltimore themed holes. The one that stands out was an Edgar Allen Poe themed hole that had a swinging pendulum blocking a hole, and a pit. There was also a large crab. It was 9 cleverly thought up and beautifully executed. It was shortlived and it probably was taken over prior to the construction of the whole powerplant live area.

  3. and powerplant live is widely known as the least Baltimore place in Baltimore, and is a stain upon the face of our great city.

  4. I am not sure that the area is big enough for a mini-golf course. I am concerned that the area is not big enough and instead of Baltimore themed holes we will end up with a pre-fab course complete with rocks, a windmill, and a flimsy metal loop. I think something more iconic such as a ferris wheel with a large Natty-Boh face on the side might better serve the area. Natty Boh could be using that one eye to stare across the harbor at his Canton counterpart.

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