Foul Call

bad callMinnesota and Anaheim, Baltimoreans know your pain.  We too have experienced the agony of a blown call when playing the Yankees in the playoffs.  We too were victims of Major League Baseball’s incessant efforts to get the New York market into the World Series.  I will elect to not recap the moment of our bad call because 13 years later the memory is still too painful.  I am sure all Baltimoreans still have the image ingrained in their heads.

For those of you who have chosen to not watch the Yankees playoff games (a wise decision) there have been two egregiously terrible calls in their favor.  The first was on a Joe Mauer line drive that was called foul despite landing 2 feet inside the foul line.  The next was against the Angels when a base running blunder by the Yankees should have cost them two outs but for some unknown reason the umpire called Cano safe.  In both cases the stupid, ugly, fat umpires were standing right on top of the play but were the only ones in the stadium to get the call wrong.  Is it possible that Major League Baseball was able to assemble such a large group of buffoons to umpire their games or is there more at play here?

In the past I have been against instant replay in baseball because I liked the human aspect of the game and I assumed that the bad calls would even out.  But now, after seeing bad call after bad call go in favor of the Yankees, I am all for instant replay.  It is tiresome seeing Mark Traitorxiera and all the d-bags, who wear business suits to baseball games and pay $2,500 a ticket to show their status, celebrate mockingly when these blown calls are made.  But most of all it will be hard enough for the Orioles to climb out of basement with the Yankees’ exorbitant payroll standing in our way; we do not need the umpires standing in our way as well.


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