The Bye Week

Sorry for long delay in postings.  I hope our abscence did not cause you to wander hopelessly around Baltimore not knowing where you next Natty Boh would be coming from.

1811442414_a7cc2956d6Mercifully the bye week is upon us.  I will not be watching NFL football or ESPN for the next two weeks.  I just can’t bear to listen to ESPN go on and on about how Favre led an amazing drive to win the game.  (If anyone should get credit for the “amazing” drive it should be Frank Walker and his uncanny ability make it rain yellow.)  Instead I will be enjoying the lovely fall weather in Baltimore.  The weekend was miserable, but today it is beautiful.  It gives us all an opportunity to go out and enjoy Maryland and not have to think about the fact that our beloved Ravens are riding a three-game losing streak.

The leaves are changing colors all around Maryland.  It is a great time to take a drive through the countryside.  I promise this drive will not be filled with late hits and pass interference calls and end with you driving you car off a cliff and mercilessly surviving.  I would recommend a trek out to Deep Creek Lake.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Maryland especially during the fall.

Another great way to enjoy the fall colors is to go wine tasting at one of our many local wineries.  I recommend Boordy and Basingiani.  Both are very scenic and offer above average wine.  They are only a short drive up I-83 from Baltimore.  I promise the wine they serve will not come from a post-game press conference and result in $50,000 fine from that Raven-hater Roger Goodell.

Go carve the Natty-Boh guy into a Pumpkin.  Nothing says Halloween in Baltimore like the Natty-Boh guy carved into a pumpkin.  If it half as easy as carving apart the Ravens secondary you will be done in no time.  You will be the envy of your block and get lots of praise from trick-or-treaters.

If you absolutely need a sports fix, it is about that time of year to start thinking about Terps basketball.  And for the first time in a few years things are looking up.  Greivis is back and it looks like we might actually have an inside presence this year.  We will not have to watch Dave Neal swing hopelessly in the air for the rebounds or pass up inside lay-ups for fade-away threes.  It is also time to start thinking about Orioles offseason moves.  Will Prince Fielder be jacking HRs off the warehouse next summer?  It is time to start writing down lineups on cocktail napkins.  Pitchers and catchers report in four months!


One response to “The Bye Week

  1. So interesting to hear you talking about baseball at this time of the year. Weren’t we really happy when the Orioles season ended so we could give all our love and attention to the Ravens? Now, after a few very tough losses, you’re ready to start pining for spring training. Don’t give up on the Ravens yet. And don’t forget the horrors of the Orioles of 2009. Let’s put them in the back of our minds for a few months, please!

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