Annapolis the Beautiful

Piggybacking on bohsnos’ earlier post of things to do in Fall around Baltimore, a recent story has shed light on another fantastic place for a day trip in our great state.  For the second consecutive year Annapolis has been named one of America’s Prettiest Towns.  Having been there this past weekend I’d have to agree with the editors of Forbes Traveler magazine, the publication that engineered the survey.

Walking through Annapolis this past Saturday evening I was reminded of how special our capital city is.  Men in Navy uniforms, sailboats crowding the harbor, cobblestone streets, the classic yet time transcendent state house – all of these things and more create a fantastic city less than an hour south of Baltimore.

Although not a large metropolis, Annapolis has a set of attractions that can draw all visitors, whether their interests lie in outdoor activities, history, food, etc.  I often make the same mistake with Washington DC and take for granted how close in proximity we are to a great place to visit, but hopefully we can all make it back to Annapolis in the near future, it’ll definitely be worth the trip.


3 responses to “Annapolis the Beautiful

  1. I would just like to clarify that according to official Bohs and O’s rankings, Baltimore is still the prettiest city in the World. Annapolis is second.

  2. The list would look something like:

    1. Baltimore
    2. Annapolis
    3. Swanton, MD (the home of Deep Creek Lake)
    999,999,999,999,999. Pittsburgh (barely eligible as it took quite a long time to sift through all the ugliness to finally discover that Pittsburgh qualifies as a city)

  3. 391. Oneonta, N.Y
    392. Billings, Mont.
    393. Burlington, N.C.

    (a la sporting news’ best sports city rankings. That’s right, Billings, Montana is indeed slightly better than Burlington, North Carolina)

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