When Will it Be Next Year?

Cleveland dominated Baltimore this weekend.  Wait…what?  You read that correctly.  Cleveland dominated Baltimore this weekend…in baseball.  I’m not sure if anyone was paying attention, but the Cleveland Indians swept the O’s this weekend at the Jake.  I wonder how many people in Baltimore tuned into the Orioles game on Sunday that aired at the same time as the Ravens game.  I know that the Ravens are the toast of the town right now and rightfully so, but just once I wish fall in Baltimore was all about the O’s.

I wish it was the Orioles that everyone was talking about as colder air began to creep into Baltimore.  I wish screaming “O” during the National Anthem at a Ravens game meant more than just tradition.  I wish everyone was flipping back to the Ravens game between innings making sure not to miss a single pitch as the O’s fought for a playoff berth.

WNST (1570 AM) did a great piece a few days ago where Drew Forrester spent a half an hour pretending that the O’s were competing for the Wild Card and were headed into Cleveland to play some meaningful baseball.  Can you imagine if this were true?  I am sure that all of the fans would come back and the Yard would be electrifying each night.  MASN might even be able to make some commercials about moments that were actually “defining.”  Late season series with the Red Sox might even draw a crowd that was majority orange.  Pickles and Slider might even break the record for most Natty Bohs ever sold in a single day.

It is a sad state of affairs in the Warehouse right now and there is a good chance we will see the Orioles lose 100 games this season unless they somehow manage to win two out of their last three games.  They did manage to break their thirteen game losing streak tonight, but another late season collapse makes its hard even to dream of the O’s as contenders.  Once again it will be another off  season of hoping that next year is this year.


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